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Huge Range Of Sites To Choose From. Low Prices Per Night, Book Now Yield Potential: 250-300 55lb cartons/ac: Profit Potential: $0 to $1,000 per acre: Adapted Areas: Statewide: Labor Requirements: 1 to 2 man-days per acre during harvest: Equipment Requirements: Tractor, shredder, disk, bedder, planter, insect/disease sprayer, trailer and irrigation system: Soil Requirements: Sandy to medium textured soil with. Size classifications represent the number of cucumbers packed in a standard carton. Fruit is generally graded and sized in farm sheds and packed by counts of 30, 32, 36, 40, 42, or 46 per fiberboard carton. Box weights average about 25-30 pounds. Yields can range from 2-3,000 cartons per acre Similarly, it is asked, how many cucumbers can you get per acre? Slicing cucumbers can be planted in rows, 9 to 12 inches between plans and 4 to 5 feet between rows. This will yield 8,400 to 10,500 plants per acre. Pickling cucumbers are planted 2 to 3 inches apart in rows 26 to 28 inches apart for 65,000 plants per acre

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The nitrogen recommendation for cucumbers is 75 pounds per acre for processing and fresh-market types. Generally, for Pennsylvania soils, apply half before planting with the remainder injected through the drip irrigation system during the growing season The seed rate required is about 1 to 1.5 kg/ac for vegetable cucumber and salad cucumber for Kharif and rabi seasons. Harvesting in cucumber is done after 45 to 60 days of planting. Cucumber yields about 60 to 80 quintals per acre on average. However, it may vary from variety to variety, season to season, and region to region

NOTE: To convert yield per acre to yield per 100 feet of row: multiply yield per acre by the number of feet between rows and divide by 4356. * Yields vary depending on soil quality, weather conditions, farm management, location, etc. Low, Good and Excellent yields are based on national data, while 5-year averages (2014-2018) are from the USDA-National Agricultural Statisitics Service New. In Hawaii, the average slicing cucumber yields are about 20,000 lbs/Acre with 6,000 plants/Acre, a 100% increase over yields obtained locally in the 1950s. Yields during the winter are 50-60% of those obtained during summer months. University of Hawaii cultivars Milo and 'Lani produced 11 and 8 lbs/plant, respectively, in Maui yield trials yield of each grade by that grade's actual price for that harvest date. Yields in lbs/acre were first converted to boxes/acre by dividing yield by the average weight of one 1 1/9 bushel box of slicing cucumbers (55 lb). Box yields were multiplied by actual average weekly wholesal Depending on who you ask, a healthy cucumber plant can be expected to produce 10 large cukes or 15 small ones within a harvest period of about three weeks favored, especially under irrigated production. Establishment Methods Planting Method Direct seeded or transplanted Optimum Time Spring - soil seed zone temperature 65-70°F Fall - approximately 70-75 days prior to first frost date Seeding rate 2.5 lbs/acre precision planted; 5 lbs/acre Approx seed/oz 1,100 Seeding depth 0.5 - 0.7

For hand-harvest plantings use about 2 to 2.5 lb seed/acre aiming or populations of about 20,000 plants/acre. Use about 6-9 lb seed per acre and populations of 75,000 to 85,000 plants/acre for machine harvest. Generally 1 lb of seed produces 12,000-15,000 plants under good conditions If you plant cucumbers to use for pickling, plan on growing 3 to 4 plants per each quart of pickles you want to make. Generally, a healthy pickling cucumber plant produces about 5 pounds of.. The nutrient uptake rate by greenhouse cucumbers is very high. One study indicates that cucumbers may require in the range of 28 kg/ha (25 lbs/acre) of nitrogen, 5 kg/ha (5 lbs/acre) of phosphorus, and 40 kg/ha (35 lbs/acre) of potassium per week during peak fruit production The seed for greenhouse cucumber varieties is expensive, approaching $1 per seed, due to the fact that the genetics are gynoecious and parthenocarpic (seedless). Seeds may be sown directly into 4-inch blocks of stone wool, coconut coir, or other substrate that will be transplanted into production systems

Harvesting and Yield of Cucumbers: Harvesting can be done @ 40 to 45 days after sowing. On an average of 8 to 10 harvests can be done. Timely picking of cucumber is more important for better quality for fruit. Yield: 8 to 10 t/ha in 80 to 90 days for salad purpose. Cucumber Yield Cucumbers will grow on almost any well-drained soil. A good slicing cucumber yield in Oklahoma is 300 bushels per acre, although much higher yields are possible. In field production, there will be a need for pollen transfer from male flowers onto the stigma of the female flower primarily provided by insect pollinators If we calculate the average yield for all of these crops we find it to be 10,642 pounds per one acreof land. the yield for 1/4 acre is 1/4 of that, or 2660 pounds

Average Yields: Cucumber (pickling) 4-5 days: Pickling - machine harvest: 4 tons per acre: Pickling - hand harvest: 8-12 tons per acre: Cucumber (slicing) 15-18 days: Slicing: 200-400 bu per acre: Seeding and Spacing. Plant seeds into moisture, no more than 2-2.5 cm (1 in.) deep In machine -harvested cucumber production systems: however, all plants are harvested destructively when they average 1 to 1.5 fruit per plant. Under such a system, yield is maximized by increasing plants per acre rather than number of fruits per plant. High densities are achieved by reducing between and in row plant spacing It is assumed that one acre of land will yield 500 bags of 40kg each (20 tonnes) of fresh cucumbers after 3 months. In the open market in Nigeria, fresh cucumbers are sold in bags. A fully packed yellow bag of cucumbers weigh about 40kg. In the open market, a bag of cucumbers sells for N3,000-N8,000 depending on the season The fruits of this variety are light green in color, medium sized and are 15cm in length. Use 1.45 kg of seed in per acre of land. The variety gets mature within 50-55 days. It gives an average yield of 65 qtl/acre

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Precision seeding is highly recommended, allowing planting to a stand of 7,000 to 8,000 plants per acre and reducing seeding rate to about 0.75 to 1 lb per acre. For transplant production, slicing cucumber varieties are usually started in individual containers in sterile media in greenhouses 3 to 4 weeks before transplanting outdoors AVERAGE SEEDS NEEDED PER: AVERAGE YIELD PER: Vegetable 100' Row Acre 100' Acre Weight # of seeds M=1,000) Beans, bush 800 seeds 116M 45 lb. 6,500 lb. Cucumber 200 seeds 15M 120 lb. 17,500 lb. Endive 600 seeds 10 oz. 175M 80 heads 17,000 heads Greens,. Honey bees are the msot reliable and cost-effective way to achieve pollination. One to two hives per acre are introduced when 5 to 10 percent of the plants have open flowers. If hives are placed in weedy areas or close to other flowering crops, the number of hives per acre should be increased Direct-seeding is the sowing of seeds directly into the garden or field. Use this chart to estimate average seed quantities required per 100' row or acre planted, and average projected yield per 100' row or acre. The list of direct-seeded vegetable crops is alphabetically sorted for selecting traders. Production of cucumber is profitable in the study areas. Per acre net margin of producing cucumber was Tk.43162.71. Total marketing cost per acre cucumber was highest for local traders (Tk. 2.73) and lowest for retailers (Tk.1.57). There were 5 marketing channel

Some seeds can produce 1 tonne of cucumber per hectare each harvest, others can produce 500 kg, 200 kg, even as low as 50 kg. And some can produce up to 2-3 tonnes. (Read full story In comparing hydroponics yields versus field grown harvest weights, we look at the total harvest weights, per Acre, through a variety of common commercial agricultural crops in Soil and Soilless Culture. The information has been adapted from Dr. Howard Resh's Hydroponic Food Production, Table 1.2 3rd Edition. Tomatoes. Hydroponics 60-300 ton

For earlier cucumber production and higher, more concentrated yields, use gynoecious varieties. A gynoecious plant produces a high percentage of female flowers and fruit. To produce pollen, 1 to 15% of pollinator must be planted and seed companies add this seed to the gynoecious variety. Both pickling and slicing gynoecious varieties are available # of cases per 1 pallet # of pounds per 1 pallet # of produce items or pounds per case yield, lbs per 100 ft row yield, lbs per acre rows needed per pallet acres needed per pallet Asparagus, green 120 11 lb cases or 48 28 lbcases 1320-1375 11 lb / 28 lb na 4,000 na 0.33 Beans - green 45 1125 25 lb 23 6,000 48.91 0.1 How to Increase Your Cucumber Harvest. The average yield for cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) is 8 to 10 pounds for every 10 feet of row. However, there are some tricks you can try to increase the.

  1. Center head production is about 70% of total production for most varieties. 2 Tons/acre/crop . fladishes have 3 or 4 crops per year on the same ground 3 Figure s give n are for one cutting of gree rhubarb, fled varietie usuaJJy yield about 50% Jes tha varieties
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  3. Andersen said a good yield for an acre is about 1,000 pumpkins. At 7 cents a pound for an average 20-pound pumpkin, the gross income is $1,400. Generally, a healthy pickling cucumber plant produces about 5 pounds of cucumbers per plant. If you plant cucumbers for slicing and eating fresh, plan on growing about 2 to 3 plants per person in.
  4. Cucumber Production, Price, and Value by Utilization - States and United States: 2016-2018.. 47 Garlic for Fresh Market and Processing Area Planted and Harvested, Yield, Production, Price, and Value - State
  5. The cucumber will be sow on October; yield per acre will be 16 mun and 2000 mun. Cucumber is very beneficial for skin either you eat or use as a facial foam; it is also use for weight loss. Thus cucumber has so many advantages and that's why our experts are providing for you the facility of cucumber grow and its services
  6. tons per hectare, from specific commercial plantings. However, such yields are exceptional. Yields that a commercial grower may expect from the main vegetable crops grown, divided according to the above categories, are suggested in the following table. Table 8. Commercial yields of vegetable crops. Crop Yield in tons per hectare Conservative.
  7. g equal variable costs, substituting a $320 per acre seed cost, a $28.50 pollination credit per acre and a combined average of $4.36 per bushel of 2s-3s, a field of seedless cucumbers needs to yield about 40 bushels per acre more than a field of standards in order to break even
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Cucumber production per acre. Cucumber yield rate depends on factors like the season or types of farming. In general, commercial average farms produces 6000kg of cucumber per acre, This amount sometimes goes as up as 7000. Buyers of cucumber. United States is the top importer of cucumber with 2.6billion dollars annually the average cucumber. Cost/Acre @ 5 tons $4,544 $3,341 $3,341 Cost /Ton @ 5 tons $909 $668 $668 Breakeven yield @$675/ton 7 5 5 Breakeven yield at $800/ton 6 4 4 Breakeven yield at $1,075 4 3 3 Equivalent hand yield @$675 7 6.3 8.3 Equivalent hand yield @ $800 6 5.0 6.7 Equivalent hand yield @1,075 4 3.8 5. While cucumber acreage increased during this 11-year period, the recorded average yield per acre decreased from 560 to 509 55-lb bushels/acre. Fertilizer is a major part of the crop production expenses for cucumber, and it is critical for successful crop yields and high fruit quality

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  1. The average yield of cucumbers and gherkins in Ghana rose slightly to X tonnes per ha in 2020, surging by X% on the year before. The yield figure increased at an average annual rate of +X% over the period from 2007 to 2020; however, the trend pattern indicated some noticeable fluctuations being recorded in certain years
  2. The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has calculated average income from one acre of tomatoes. Half the time, a grower will net about $950 per acre. One year out of six, the grower can expect to earn more than $1,400 per acre. But the bad news is that one year out of six, growers can lose more than $3,400 per acre if weather.
  3. g 4,000 plants per acre) and you achieve 3kg yield per plant, that should give you 12,000 kg of tomatoes. Now, if you can plan for your tomato plants to fruit between May and early June when wholesale price is around N250 per kg, you should end up with about N3 million
  4. Cucumber. Grow 6 plants per person. Grow 3 to 4 plants per quart for pickling. Yield 8 to 10 pounds per 10-foot row. Space plants 1 to 3 feet apart in rows 3 to 6 feet apart. Eggplant. Grow 1 to 2 plants per person. Yield 8 fruits per Italian oval varieties; yield 10 to 15 fruits per Asian varieties. Space plants 24 to 30 inches apart in rows 3.
  5. cucumbers. Your approved yield per acre is 193 bushels (bu), with a production guarantee of 144.8 bu per acre (75-percent coverage level) with a price election of $7.48. Production you harvested and sold: Harvested Base Contract . Grade Production Price Total. 2A 1,150 bu $7.00 $8,050
  6. Assume pickling cucumbers with an APH yield of 120 bushels, 75 percent coverage level, 100 percent share, and one basic unit. 120 : APH yield per acre: 0.75: Coverage level: 90: Acre guarantee: 50: Production-to-count: 40: Loss per acre: $7.07: Production Contract Price: $283: Indemnity per acre

Tag - Cucumber Yield Per Hectare Cucumber Cultivation Information Guide Cucumber Cultivation Guide: Introduction of Cucumber Cultivation:- Cucumber is one of the famous and a widely cultivated vegetable plant and belongs to the gourd family.. 45 lbs phosphate (P2O5) and 160 to 180 lbs potassium (K2O) per acre. The actual amounts will vary with yield. Cucumber tends to accumulate about half those amounts. These values can be used as general guides for the amounts of supplemental nutrients to apply. Remember, the soil can supply a significant portion of the crop's nutrient requirements • Yield of varieties can vary greatly - For example, small varieties will typically yield less tonnage than larger types on a per acre basis. • We will look at few examples of this in a moment. • Soil type, fertilizer rates, and water availability will dictate overall yields. • Pests and diseases must be controlled to maximize yield Growers benefit through higher yield per acre and improved disease resistance. Processors benefit from new cultivars that yield a higher percentage of useable product. Brief introduction about cucumber production, breeding and processing in U.S.A. China Vegetables 1: 6-8. Progress 10/01/06 to 09/30/07 Outputs Research is continuing on. Cucumber Production Enterprise Budget John McMinn, Dr. Ron Rainey, Dr. Amanda McWhirt Summary of Estimated Costs and Returns per Acre Cucumbers, Slicers, Irrigated This material is based upon work supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under agreement number 68-7103-16-536

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  2. - 3 - Key Findings • Vegan-organic agriculture on average can yield 32,331 lbs./acre (based on 11 primary crops). • Animal-based agriculture on average can yield 770.22 lbs./acre. • Vegan-organic agriculture can be 4,198% more productive than animal-based agriculture in the amount of food produced per acre
  3. 2012. Potential for more large-scale production re-mains, particularly in areas of Kentucky near the large melon industry in southern Indiana. Watermelon use in the U.S. exceeded 16 pounds per person in 2016, the highest recorded consumption. In - creasing yields per acre, and higher volumes of im-ported watermelons account for the increase.
  4. Cucumber Seeds. It is recommended to treat the cucumber seeds with Carbendazim 2 grams/kg of seeds before sowing in the prepared field. Land Preparation, Sowing Time and Method in Cucumber Cultivation:- Land should be prepared well enough to remove any weeds from previous crops.Giving 3 to 4 ploughings will get the soil to fine tilth stage and form long channels at 1.5 m apart
  5. Cantaloupe can be directly seeded or transplanted. Either method requires wide rows and adequate spacing in between plants. Ideally, harvest should be from 2,000 to 5,000 cantaloupe per acre on bare ground and from 6,000 to 12,000 per acre on plastic mulch. Smaller varieties of less than 3 pounds each may yield as many as 20,000 per acre

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  1. 1 Acre = 43,560 square feet, or 435'x100′. Weight Conversion: 1 Pound = 16 Ounces. 1 Ounce = 28.4 Grams
  2. Average yield of red ripe fruits is 60 qtl/acre. Punjab Surkh: This variety has dark green color leaves having long fruits of 7cm. Fruits are green when immature but turns dark red at maturity. It is used for making salad and for drying purposes. It is resistant to fruit rot and mosaic virus. It gives average yield of 80 qtl per acre
  3. 2. Higher Plant Density Allows for More Crops Per Acre. Hydroponics allows for higher plant density in one or more of the following ways: hydroponic crops can be grown 1. closer together than in soil, 2. grown vertically as opposed to horizontally, 3. in layers, and 4. with much less walking space between rows
  4. Plant cantaloupe seed at the rate of 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per acre in single rows 6 to 8 feet apart or in twin rows 3 feet apart on 9 to 15 foot centers. After plants are well established, thin to 12 to 15 inches between plants in the seeded row. Unirrigated cantaloupe should be thinned to 24 to 30 inches in the row
  5. 2017 Grains and Oilseeds; Crops Acres Seeded Acres Harvested Yield (bu/acre) Production ('000 bu) Farm Value per bu. ($) Total Farm Value ($'000
  6. Growers generally plant approximately 10,000 to 14,000 plants per acre in double rows spaced 14 to 18 inches apart on plastic mulched beds with 16 to 24 inches between plants in the row and with the beds spaced 5 to 6.5 feet apart from their centers. A single row of peppers can also be planted on each bed (5,000 to 6,500 plants per acre)
  7. PLANT ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION Number of Producers Units of Measure Gross Farm Acres Value Yield per Acre Total Crop Production VEGETABLES Cucumber Fresh 10 8.0250.00 2,000bu. (50 lbs.)$20,000 Cucumber (Total) 8.0 $20,000 Mustard (Fresh) 10 30.0530.00 15,900doz. bunches$111,300 Okra (Fresh) 20 40.0115.00 4,600bu. $115,00

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  1. Yield in half-bushels per acre of 12 zucchini entries grown at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center, Benton Harbor, Michigan. Plant population was 5,280 plants per acre. Variety Seed Source* Total Yield Yield Small % Total Yield Medium % Total Yield Large % Total Yield Cull % Total Paycheck RS 1,928 950 49 653 34 264 13 62
  2. Average crop yields in Coachella Valley from 1989 to 1995 are shown to range from 150 to 1,200 boxes per acre (Table A). In this study, a yield of 800 boxes per acre is used. Each box weighs 20 pounds. Returns: Prices per 20 pound box vary during the season. Early season prices (»April 1), can begin at over $30.00 per box and then decline to.
  3. Clay or loamy soils with a pH range of 6.0 to 6.5 are best for production. Thorn melon is a climber hence requires an area near a trellis or fence to promote climbing. In green house production plants are trained on posts however pollinators such as bees should be introduced at the time of flowering
  4. Average yield for slicing cucumbers in e.g. North Carolina is 11-14 t/ha (200-250 bushels/acre, but better yields of 33-37 t/ha (600-650 bushels per acre) can be obtained when growing a crop on plastic which is fertigated. Fruits for fresh market slicing are preferably long, smooth, straight, thick-skinned, with a uniform medium-dark green color
  5. ANR Publication 8050 CUCUMBER PRODUCTION IN CALIFORNIA 2 In coastal Southern California, cucumbers are generally direct seeded by hand 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 cm) to the side of drip lines in single rows with 20-inch (51-cm) spacing on 60-inch (152-cm) beds. Approximately 11⁄ 2 pounds of seed are used per acre (1.68 kg/ha)

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Growing Cucumbers for Maximum Yield. Depending on who you ask, a healthy cucumber plant can be expected to produce 10 large cukes or 15 small ones within a harvest period of about three weeks. These optimistic averages are based on large, field-size plantings managed by pros, but gardeners can match or better these numbers by using cultural. Yield data of 15 seedless picking cucumber varieties at the Saginaw Valley Research and Extension Center in 2020. Values in bold indicate the variety performed statistically similar to the variety with the highest value for that column. Plant population was 29,000 plants per acre. Company and Variety Bushels Per Acre Fruit pe Yield of number one fruit was generally lower than previous slicing cucumber trials with the white-fruited Martini having the highest number one yield at 523, 1-1/9 bushel boxes/acre. Of the green-fruited types, Bristol, Darlington, Superior, Cobra, SV4719CS, and Lisboa all had similar number one yield. Most entries were similar in length excep yields are a fraction of the potential marketable yield if the cucumbers are allowed to have a longer growing season, cucumbers are a profitable double crop for high tunnels. Occupying 65 days within a high tunnel and yielding 0.75-2.5 lbs/ft2 is a realistic yield level for high tunnel cucumbers. Figure 2

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Yields are given as per 100-foot rows in a home garden. Rows are expected to be at least from 36 to 42 inches apart, thus we may say there are about 130 rows of 100 feet long in an acre (125 to 145). If a per-acre yield is known, then dividing it by about 130 would give a yield per 100 feet of row not allowing for skip rows, etc Just three or four vines should produce 10 pounds of cucumbers per season. As cucumber plants are known to suffer from a mid-season decline, it's best to seed a second crop in midsummer to ensure that your plants will keep pumping out plenty of cucumbers deep into autumn. Remember to pick your cucumbers when they are immature for the best flavor On Average, garlic is sold for about $10 per pound. Just one acre can produce over 15,000 pounds of garlic per year. It's easy to harvest and grows well during dormant seasons, like fall and winter, too. Garlic is a perennial vegetable! Check out our guide on other perennial vegetables to make your garden more colorful. 6. Arugul According to some studies, average yield of garlic per acre is between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds and yearly profit per acre is around $80,000 what makes this crop one of the best cash crops with the highest profit per acre. Another grower and customer favorite is Elephant garlic, whose large, mild cloves bring $6-$8 per pound

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In the first chart, we have plotted cereal crops (wheat, barley and oats). Overall, we see that improvements in cereal yields from the 19th century into the first half of the 20th century were relatively slow- by the 1940s, yields were typically in the range of 2-2.5 tonnes per hectare. Productivity gains between the 1950s and 1990s was rapid. Slicing and pickling varieties are seeded at a rate of 1.5 lbs. per acre (pickles may be as much as 2 lbs. per acre) with plant spacing of 9-12 inches for slicers and 6-8 inches for pickles. Planting Beds, Irrigation and Plastic Mulch The use of plastic mulch with trickle irrigation is a common cucumber production practice i USDA strives to sustain and enhance economical crop production by developing and transferring sound, research-derived, knowledge to agricultural producers that results in food and fiber crops that are safe for consumption. Crop Acreage and Yield Crop Acreage and Yields USDA produces charts and maps displaying crop yields, crop weather, micromaps, and crop acreage animations Most cucumber varieties have seed counts of 16,000 per pound or 1,000 seed per ounce, and about two pounds of seed are needed per acre for common spacings and plant populations in hand-harvested operations. 3. Recommendations for depth of seed placement vary somewhat among regional production guides, with depth

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90,000 plants per acre. Some growers . plant as many as 150,000 per acre. Although most cucumbers are picked by hand, the larger operations are mechanically harvested. The time from planting to harvest can be relatively quick in as few as 36 to 40 days from planting depending on variety and weather conditions. A We provide Hydroponic Consultancy Service in India for commercial growers. We can help you to set up the project to grow Hydroponic Seedless Cucumber which can yield more then 350 tons in 1 acre in 1 year. Pleasevisit our website jalponixnatura.in for more details. We can assist you for, · Site Selection for Greenhouse

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Cucumbers are very cold-sensitive and should not be planted until all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed sufficiently. Two pounds of seed are needed per acre for direct seeding.Growing cucumbers on raised beds with black plastic and trickle irrigation increases yields and earliness as well as helping with weed management About 4 pounds of seed are required per acre to plant squash (Table 2). This is based on a spacing of 3 to 4 feet between rows and 12 to 18 inches within rows. Table 2. Seeding rate information for squash productio Cucumbers require fertile soil. Mix in compost and/or aged manure before planting to a depth of 2 inches and work into the soil 6 to 8 inches deep. Make sure that soil is moist and well-drained, not soggy and compacted. Soil should be neutral or slightly acidic with a pH of around 6.5 to 7.0 The sprayed PTC treatment increased yields by 33% or 148 boxes per acre. At 2003 prices, this would be an increase in gross revenue of about $1,480/acre. Results on commercial farms in 2003. Four CT cucumber growers compared the PTC system to their former conventional cucumber beetle management system and were quite impressed If you are using trickle irrigation, then apply the 50 lb. N per acre preplant and apply 0.5 to 1 lb. N per acre daily or 3 to 6 lb. N on a weekly basis through the trickle system until fruit are about 2 inches in diameter. Irrigation Cucumbers: Maximum yields and fruit quality will only result if the plants receive adequate and timely moisture.

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Planted Harvested Yield Per Acre Production Value Per Unit 1 Total Value Acres Acres Cwt. Cwt. $/Cwt. $1,000 Vegetable and Melon Acreage, Production and Value, 2003‐2012 Crop Crop Year Cabbage, Fresh Market 2003 13,500 13,500 390 5,265,000 16.00 84,240 2004 13,600 13,600 410 5,576,000 14.00 78,06 Cucumber beetles and aphids can cause economically significant damage by direct feeding and by vectoring diseases. Yields can range from 20,000 - 40,000 lb/acre. There may be three to five generations of seed corn maggots per season; however, the first and second are the most destructive Commercial Watermelon Production 1 Watermelon is a warm-season crop related to can-taloupe, squash, cucumber and pumpkin. Watermelons can be grown on any well-drained soil throughout Georgia but are particularly well adapted to the Coastal Plain soils of South Georgia. Yields of 20,000 to 40,000 pounds per acre are common trees in commercial production, covering 35,500 acres on 825 family-run farms. Orchards are trending to super high-density planting (approximately 1,000 or more trees per acre) which come into production and bring desirable varieties to market quickly. in autumn, the state's apples are typically shippe

Yield, mean grade, and value of machine-harvested cucumbers, averaged over replicates, OSU-Nalley's trial, Woodburn, Oregon, 1992 Variety Flurry Lafayette Regal Quest Vlaspik Blend Harvest date 7/29 7/29&7/31 7/31 7/31 7/31 7/30&7/31 Heat units 600 616 633 633 633 624 Stand, seedlings/acre z 55,900 62,600 58,400 64,500 50,400 48,600 Gross. Cucumbers. 1 pound (2 medium) = 4 cups sliced. How many pounds of cucumbers Do you need to pickle? Calculating yield. To make it simple, you need 1 pound of cucumbers for every pint or 2 pounds for every quart. So an average of 14 pounds is needed per canner load of 7 quarts or an average of 9 pounds is needed per canner load of 9 pints some of these in the context of water. A key measure of agricultural production is the economic productivity of water use - the economic value produced per unit of water applied to the crop. Figure 4 shows the gross revenue (as measured by total farm gate value) for crop production in California per acre-foot of water between 2000 and 2010 pounds of seed needed per acre. Baby lima bean varieties range from 1,150 seeds per pound to 1,450 seeds per pounds. Fordhook varieties range from 440 to 550 seeds per pound. Weed Control and Cultivation - Good weed control is essential to achieving good yields and to facilitating harvest operations