2023 TPIE Cool Products Awards announced

garden center group As a judge at this year’s TPIE, I helped the largest group of garden retailers ever find great products to present with the Cool Product Award. The Garden Center Group received 14 company awards for 15 products. Check out the winners and get your own product ideas. All products are listed alphabetically by company.

1. Dieffenbachia ‘Crocodile’ from aroid greenhouse It is a unique form of Dieffenbachia that stands upright like a palm. The intensely variegated color and upper side leaves are nice and smooth, while the underside of the leaf helps name the selection with the ‘scales’ on the central ridge along the underside of the leaf, which has a reptilian texture. .

2. pottery succulent wall art collection from chives It can be called a work of art, but at first glance it is so radiant that you would think… However, a closer look reveals that it is a collection of beautiful ceramic succulents and flowers. Available in several sizes and sold both individually or in gift sets, they are a very unique gift for any garden center.

3.Friesea 8322 Ananasa new selection from Derose plant The leaves have a unique marbling pattern. The color combination is marbling rather than variegated and very stable. The new plant has not yet been named and the company is hosting a naming contest for suggestions.The winner of the selected entry will receive a gift plant! To enter, please send your suggestion to info@derooseplantsusa.com with “Vriesea 8322” in the subject line.

Four. custom grow tags that is Unique and creative botanical labels produced in Holland Elburg Smith in North America qualityThe judges were impressed with the eye-catching message and design of these plant tags, offering plants a quiet selling approach.

Five. organic liquid plant food from thriving plant 100% organic liquid concentrate plant food in an eye dropper bottle. The company also offers small packs for first-time users and limited-time gift him packs of Flourish Concentrate, along with glass 8-ounce Flourish dilution containers.

6. Hendricks Greenhouse Known for its tropics, its creative team produces a lot of work plant sleeve, wrap When tag talk to customers. The marketing tool’s message focuses on happiness. For example, some say “this plant lifts your mood,” while others borrow from the classic “little black dress” to say “little green plant.”

7. The jury shall: colorful bougainvillea in a hanging basket OF Nelson & Family NurseryDuring the award presentation, a representative said they wanted to create something different.Plants help brighten up landscapes and patios.

8. Proven Winner Leafjoy H2O Mini Hydroponic Garden from The Plant Company Featuring a new collection of small rooted tropical plants in cork glass vases. The tagline on display was “Bring Nature Indoors”. Please note that several other new similar products are coming soon.

9. alocasia fridek variegata from R&D nursery It is a very diverse form of alocasia. The specimen seen here is a juvenile, but the full-grown plant has wonderful color variations across its large leaves.

Ten.alocasia jacklin (also known as Alocasia tandursa) from R&D nursery The leaves are dark green in contrast to the dark veins, and the overall texture of the leaves is rough and glossy.

11. According to rosy soilthis is organic peatless spotting soil is the first product made from recovered CO2 without peat, coco or synthetics. The soil contains 30% biochar derived from pine wood that reduces soil density, increases soil aeration and features mycorrhizae.

12.Russell’s Bromeliad Indicated macrame hanger Multistage display. Each he is one hanger, but when hung together they create a way for consumers to display more plants (and buy more)!

13. There are many screen rooms across the country, most of which are of mid-rail construction. Christina Tortolini wanted to create an easy way to enjoy plants. screen planter. planters, Designed for screen room railings, available in 2, 4 and 6 foot lengths, custom and corner units. Installs without tools and features easy clips to help support and hold planters. The planter is lifted with Velcro and has a drainage hole on the back.

14. Potting soils, components and toppers from Characteristics of Sol Soil A hand-mixed product of ingredients to create a quick-drying soil that helps protect against root rot, the #1 killer of indoor plants. It is a coarse medium composed mainly of inorganic materials that closely mimics the natural environment of plants such as aroids, tropical plants, cacti, succulents and bonsai.

15.United Nursery currently offering eco potMade in Belgium, super light but very strong. They feature neutral colors and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It has a drain hole plug that works inside or outside. The Eco Pot is manufactured using 80% recycled plastic and recycled natural stone, giving the pot a unique look.

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