’38 at The Garden’: Why Jeremy Lin Resisted ‘Linsanity’ Projects for Years

HBO’s documentary 38 at the Garden explores former NBA player Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise to fame after scoring 38 points against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers at Madison Square Garden in February 2012. is recording.

It was the fourth game in a hot ten-game winning streak that saw the New York Knicks point guard go from bench player to leading scorer. Lynn has graced the covers of Time and Sports Illustrated magazines, she was named Breakthrough Athlete of the Year at the Espy Awards, and she has earned the support of millions. At the center of the overwhelming public and media attention was dubbed “Linsanity,” she was a 23-year-old Asian-American boy.

“I’ve had this love/hate, but mostly hate relationship with Linsanity for quite a few years,” Lynn said at a recent FYC event, which is on the Oscar shortlist for documentary short film “38 at the Garden.” talked about

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