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Alright folks, are you ready to get some straight dope on what’s really going on behind the scenes at Olive Garden?

I hope so because the former employee of the restaurant chain was kind enough to answer questions from people on TikTok about the restaurant.

A man named Andrew, who was banned from his previous TikTok account, decided to return to the social media platform to answer more compelling questions from his audience.

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Here he talks about how Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo became controversial when it was taken off the menu, and how the folks at the corporate Olive Garden decide which dishes they no longer want to serve. I told my viewers…it all comes down to money. You can probably imagine.

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And here he explains that the high demand for the items is why every meal cannot be individually made, with a heavy emphasis on Olive Garden’s soups and sauces.

Guys, it’s all about time management.

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And he went on to explain how the Alfredo sauce is made…and there’s good news on this one!

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Finally, in this video Andrew answers a question we’ve all wondered.

See what he had to say…

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Andrew’s video got people talking.

One said, “I am always amazed at how much people love the Olive Garden.”

Check out more of Andrew’s videos on his TikTok page!

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