A Sunny Sunday Calls for Pup-Fun Struts in a Stunning Garden – NBC Los Angeles

What you need to know

  • Dog walking time at the South Coast Botanical Gardens
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Sunday, January 22nd. $15 adults, $11 seniors, $5 children.$5 per dog

Muddy feet, soggy butts, soaking wet hairy heads: Wet woofers have ruled our lives for the last few weeks, and we can’t help but feel all kinds of wetness in our homes and wherever we walk. I am tracking the wreckage.

Puppies, on the other hand, seem to love being outside, even when a drenching storm is brewing. That means many in Southern California have faced massive mud management over the past few weeks.

But now? With a few days of bright January sunshine, the South Coast Botanic Gardens event is well timed.

That’s when the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination opens up to people and their dogs.

If you’re a lover of fine public gardens and a dog lover, this is a rare opportunity to enjoy both in the sunshine and sweetly at the same time.

It’s all trotting on January 22nd—forecast: sunny—and before you and your furry friends attend, you should know a few “codes of conduct.”

Also? Dogs are $5, but the party has several ticket levels for humans (adults him $15).

Chained best friends are invited everywhere on the 87 staggering acres, except Koi Ponds and Bohannon Rose Garden.

Who knows when the clouds, rain and muddy footprints will return.

February hasn’t even started yet, so this welcome sunshine will last a little longer, but not as long as we’d like.

Soak up the sunshine and have some fun with Fido on January 22nd. Before the winter weather patters on your outdoor outings and friends’ furs again.

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