About Kew Garden’s Orchid Festival

Apprentice Yasmine Akrofi Lorok poses in an orchid archway during the press preview of the Thai Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens on February 8, 2018 in London, England.Getty

The iconic Orchid Festival returns to Kew Gardens from February 4th to March 5th.

Perfect for the gloomy London winter weather, the festival is held in the state-of-the-art Princess of Wales Conservatory on the grounds of the gardens, featuring horticultural exhibits and living sculptures inspired by flora and fauna. of Cameroon while recreating a series of global ecosystems under one roof.

Known worldwide for its commitment to science and expertise in global horticulture, the Royal Botanic Gardens, in collaboration with Cameroon’s National Herbarium and other state institutions, for this exhibition will bring together the country’s tropically important A plant area (TIPA) was identified. as a means of protecting their future.

The collaboration has also seen the team work with various partners to document the biodiversity of Cameroon’s Evo Forest and designate the area as a Tropical Important Plant Area. Ebo Forest is he one of the last great rainforests to be explored. In fact, to date, 14 scientifically new plant species have been discovered in Evo (and many more have yet to be named), and more than 75 of his endangered plant species have been documented. The area is also home to chimpanzees, who use stones to crack and eat nuts, and twigs to catch insects and fish. The work carried out as part of the Orchid Festival ensures the long-term survival of Cameroon’s endangered and socio-economically important plant species so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come. It is intended to

The Orchid Festival is one of many events held throughout the year at Kew Gardens, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden has over 50,000 living plants, dozens of annual exhibitions, themed events and short courses. Members can grow their own plants, paint floral watercolors, and learn how to transform their garden into an organic wonderland. The garden also hosts a series of accessible events, including family-friendly sensory tours, dementia-friendly walks, and monthly sign language tours.

The grounds of Kew Gardens are home to many landmarks, including the famous Great Pagoda, which overlooks London. Other landmarks include the Davis Alpine House, which reflects the algorithm of high altitude terrain. Bamboo gardens and private houses, home to traditional Japanese farmhouses. The Mediterranean Gardens and King William Temple reflect the climate and ecosystems of the Mediterranean.

The gardens themselves date back to the 18th century and were first established in 1759 when Princess Augusta, mother of King George III, established a 9-acre botanical garden within Kew’s Amusement Park. The garden has become a world-class research center with many of today’s attractions.

For a full list of events and more information about the Orchid Festival, visit kew.org.

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