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KEEN—Earlier this month, more than 25 Adirondack Garden Club (AGC) members and their guests gathered at Wallonsburg Grange to display an evergreen wreath.

Many were intended for members’ homes, but even more doomed for those served by Elizabethtown’s Families First, a national agency that works with families facing mental health issues. It was done.

Families First’s lease-making program was launched four years ago and has become a favorite project of AGC members.

This year, the club created over 40 wreaths for Family First under the guidance of professional florist and AGC member Sarah White. Sarah White held a workshop and shared expert tips on how to make ribbon bows and incorporate various items such as Christmas ornaments and small toys. For dried flowers and holiday wreaths.

Founded in 1928, the mission of the Adirondack Garden Club is to inspire gardening knowledge and love, support the conservation of native plants and birds, and encourage citizens to plant and conserve natural resources.

In 1933, the club joined the Garden Club of America, a volunteer non-profit 501©3 organization of 200 member clubs and approximately 18,000 club members nationwide.

The purpose of the Adirondack Garden Club is to protect the plants, shrubs and trees that are native to the Adirondack region, create both wild and cultivated gardens characteristic of the environment in which they are located, and promote the development of the Adirondack as a whole. is to promote the cultivation of gardens in Promotion of local conservation and beautification. For more information, please visit the club’s website:

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