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When building your own garden galaxy, there are so many objects to design and decorate that it can be overwhelming at first. Some items provide a visual effect, while others have plenty of variations to personalize your garden. The garden will not be completed.

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Including variations, there are a total of 8 creatures that can coexist in any world you build, and there is no limit to how many you can spawn as long as you collect enough items. These animals can be found as 6 out of 11 coin collections, each with varying rarities, so good luck.

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6/6 frog and toad

The forest collection features two of the cutest animals in the game, frogs and toads, variations of the same item. Place a small green leaf to spawn a frog. This is different from green leaves that you can manipulate and drop leaves all over the screen.

Toads sit on brown leaves when placed on tiles or other objects. They behave similarly, have a wide range, can fly around gardens, and balance on ornaments. can do.

5/6 fish

Garden galaxy big fish swim by waterfall, bridge with bull rush and water lily

Two other animals that can appear in your little galaxy are Big Fish and Small Fish. you can’t see the fish. Fish swim under all water tiles and items placed on the surface of the water. You can’t go up or down the waterfall, so if you put it on top, you’ll be trapped.

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The large fish variant emerges from green aquatic plants, exhibits large black shadows that move below the surface of the water, and can sometimes glitch from the sides of water tiles. Smallfish are attracted to orange waterweeds and slim goldenfish with the same habits. Both are from the Water collection.

4/6 white bird

The galaxy white bird in the garden sat on the plant next to the bird bath and the water lily

Introducing the White Bird from the Classic collection. This animal flies around your garden and has a fairly large range. Picking up and exchanging any of these items causes the respective animal to reappear on top of it, causing it to wander again from that point.

This is a relatively rare item in the Classic Collection and requires trading in a number of dull silver medal-shaped coins. Placing other items from the Classic Set on wooden pedestals reduces the variety of items that can be exchanged.

3/6 black bird

Galactic black bird in the garden sitting in a birdhouse

The second bird you can collect in the Garden Galaxy is the Black Bird. Unlike most item variables, this is a completely separate object from another itemset. You need to place your birdhouse somewhere in the galaxy that attracts blackbirds.

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It behaves similarly to a Whitebird, flying around, perching on other items, and even repairing itself. increase. Forest coins are green and leaf-shaped.

2/6 fire Fly

Three jars of fireflies on a garden galaxy brick and grass tile

Despite being one of the rarest item sets, Firefly Jars are one of the more common prizes when trading with Curio Coins. These are black star coins that don’t tip over often. To collect more of them, keep the black cauldron piggy bank spat by traders. The coins you accumulate in them add up to the final value of 10 Curio Coins.

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Firefly jars can be manipulated to turn the Firefly glow on or off. Bugs dance in bottles and look beautiful especially at night when placed on stepping stones in water.

1/6 bees

Garden galaxy beehive on wooden pallets stacked between grass tiles and farm tiles

A cute house full of tiny bees is perfect for a kitchen garden or farm scene. When placed, this Bee Hive item spawns a swarm of bees that hover around it. They won’t visit or fuss with your flowers. You can even dedicate an entire galaxy to honey production and flower gardens for your hard workers. Hard-to-find coins without a carrot-shaped piggy bank. It’s a set.

You have to be very lucky when trading farm coins, orange triangles. If you want to set up an entire field of beehives, use stone pedestals to increase your chances and put wooden pedestals to ensure you don’t get any other farm items.

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