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Cathy Henderson
gardening columnist

When extreme cold moves south during the usually mild December, it creates problems for landscapes and gardens. This is especially true when the temperature he drops into the single digits and stays in the 10s for several days. Our plants, like us, were unprepared for this blast of cold weather.There was still new growth on the twigs and some flowers on the stems.

Covering them with vinyl, sheets, or even blankets might have made them feel better. As if we were in control, we could do little to protect them from damage. If you put them side by side, two are badly damaged and one is barely damaged.

Mahonia “Soft Caress” hits hard
frigid air.special photo

All plants in the landscape are cold-tolerant according to their genetic background, growth stage, whether roots are protected, and general conditions (dehydration, poor root development, general lack of health). I’m here. In other words, gardeners, plants selected for their known cold hardiness, plants properly planted in suitable soil, mulched, and fertilized and pruned at the right time are likely to survive devastation. It’s been high.The days are below freezing. I, like many of you, love borderline plants that really benefit from being planted deeper south.

However, when I was in Natchez, Mississippi, the temperature dropped to the mid-10s, taking a toll on the camellias and azaleas that thrive in the area. It was a sad sight to see. My beautiful scenery is also desolate, and I sympathize with you, so let me encourage you about the future.

Cold damage of a very hardy Hellebore (Lenten Rose).
special photo

don’t do anything now Plants tell us what to do in the spring. Some will die, some will fall to the ground, and some will at some point start putting out new growth on the stem. Some of the new shoots will come out of the soil, so cut off the dead plant parts on top. The wait won’t be easy, but believe me when I say it’s worth it. Leaves can be removed from the top of the plant to keep the ground from getting too wet. Plants are survivors and you will be amazed at their resilience.

When spring comes and new growth appears, there is a lot to do. If you want to enjoy gardening in a positive way, now is the perfect time to order summer bulbs and flowers online. You’ll need to get some of your landscape in better shape before planting, but you can order now and have it delivered at the right planting time. find out Some of my suggestions are gladiolus, crocosmia, dahlias, crows, orientals, hybrid he lilies, and all kinds of daylilies and irises. Most perennials and annuals are purchased locally in March and April, but bulbs are ordered from catalogs. This is the time to plan and plant any daffodils or tulips that weren’t planted in the ground before Christmas.

Enjoy what you see in the Winter Garden. The bulbs emerging from the soil, the buds of deciduous trees about to bloom, the bark of trees that give them wonderful textures, and the structure of the stems of many plants that get lost in the summer garden.

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