Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts sowing seeds of community art garden

A new community project will help kick off the opening of the brand new Arkansas Museum of Art.

Formerly known as the Arkansas Arts Center, the museum’s newly transformed space is set to open in Little Rock’s MacArthur Park in April. While the new facility will be the centerpiece, new community art installations will also be featured during the opening weekend.

Miranda Young, the museum’s associate director of community engagement, said the museum is now accepting submissions for a community “art garden” featuring about 10,000 lotus flowers made of folded paper. increase.

“We were looking for a way to get the message across that this is really a museum for everyone and that we are here to serve the entire state of Arkansas. , we decided it was the perfect way to kick off the grand opening festival,” Young said.

She said 67 Arkansas schools have already started working on the project. Young hopes that the different materials used to make the flowers and the different people involved in the project will help reflect the diversity of the community, she says.

“We folded old maps, folded pages of newspapers and magazines, and collected people who found colors interesting. We really just want to see people get creative with it,” said Young.

Until March 24th, the museum will set up a drop-box in the local library for the public to drop off their completed origami lotuses. Boxes are available at the Argenta Public Library, CALS Main Library, Dee Brown Library, Maumelle Library, and Thompson Library.

Young said the lotus flower was chosen because of its importance and its visual similarity to the roof line of the new museum facility.

“The lotus could have all these meanings behind it: connection, unity, creation, strength and new beginnings,” Young said.

Instructions on how to fold a paper lotus flower and submit it to a museum are available online at The Arkansas Museum of Art is scheduled to open to the public on April 22, 2023.

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