At WPS Garden of Lights, the most spectacular trees are inside not out

Green Bay – It’s easy to miss the forest trees at this time of year at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

At the annual WPS Garden of Lights display, amidst the dizzying excitement of 325,000 outdoor lights, visitors including the magical Icicle Forest will breeze right beside two indoor showstoppers maybe.

Each year, volunteers and staff, with artistic assistance from Mother Nature, decorate the Christmas tree entirely with treasures harvested from the property’s 47 acres of gardens and natural areas. No tinsel, no glass beads, no glittering ornaments, no bright stars above. Instead, decorate the branches with garlands made of dried marigolds, birch bark and pine cones. Miniature bouquets, bird nests, feathers, rose hips, poppy seed heads, fluffy grasses and hydrangeas as big as Santa’s beard.

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The trees are works of art, with colorful balls made from gomphrena flowers glued one by one to Styrofoam spheres, and details like dried milkweed seed pods that open and open to fill with tiny greenery and flowers. is a work of art that needs to be appreciated. If you look closely, a flock of owls made from pine cones and pretzel beans are looking back at you.

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