Attorney Larry Hutcher, who’s banned from Madison Square Garden, speaks out

Larry Hatcher, one of the lawyers barred from Madison Square Garden by facial recognition technology, FOX 5 New York Exclusive interview with MSG CEO James Dolan last week.

“If someone is suing you, it is confrontational, it is hostile, it is okay. People are allowed to sue. So you don’t have to welcome him into your home,” said Doran.

However, Hatcher claims that they swore under oath that the reason for the ban was to prevent violations of ethical rules.

Hatcher also talked about issues with tickets, Ticketmaster, and people who can’t buy tickets.

Hatcher said it’s the market that drives the price. If Dolan gets his way and Ticketmaster is the only monopoly that can resell tickets, he argues, they can produce lower prices as opposed to the free market. Hatcher argues that ticket resellers serve by creating a real marketplace.

In October 2022, Hatcher, who held New York Knicks season tickets for nearly 50 years, was told his seat was revoked because his law firm represented a ticket reseller suing MSG. When the ban on lawyers came to light.

He filed a lawsuit, claiming that he and nearly 60 attorneys at his company were barred from company property. In his complaint, Mr. Hatcher said he was suing MSG for violating New York’s Art and Cultural Matters Act. LLP said it had filed a lawsuit against him and his partner.

Two weeks later, Hatcher received a letter informing him that the solicitor had been banned and that his ticket, which he had owned since 1976 and had already paid for for this season’s renewal, had been cancelled.

MSG said in June it enacted a policy barring lawyers from companies involved in lawsuits against the company from attending events at the venue until the lawsuits are resolved.

The ban applies not only to the Knicks-Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, but also to concerts at venues and facilities such as Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre.

The Attorney General’s Office also wrote in a letter to MSG Entertainment that the ban, and the company’s use of facial recognition technology to enforce it, may violate antidiscrimination laws, and that lawyers have accused it of sexual harassment or sexual harassment. It also comes after stating that it may discourage taking litigation such as sexual harassment. Claims of job discrimination against the company.

Other attorneys have since brought up stories of being blocked from concerts, sporting events, shows like the Rockets’ Christmas Spectacular.

The policy, which could affect thousands of lawyers at a number of companies, uses technology that scans the faces of people entering MSG-owned venues and matches them against a databank of lawyers from banned companies. It is enforced using

The Office of the Attorney General said a study showed that facial recognition software “may suffer from bias and false positives toward people of color and women.”

The Attorney General has given MSG a February 13 deadline to respond and identify the efforts the company is making to ensure compliance with applicable anti-discrimination laws.

In a statement, MSG representatives said the policy “does not unlawfully prohibit anyone from entering our venues and discourages attorneys from representing plaintiffs in lawsuits against us.” not intended for litigation.”

The statement continued, “Our policy did not apply to attorneys representing plaintiffs who allege sexual harassment or employment discrimination.

MSG representatives have previously said it was not “unreasonable” to want to protect MSG from “improper disclosure and discovery” during litigation.

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