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Stonewall Warehouse, one of San Marcos’ first gay bars, closed on New Year’s Day. But the employee said he didn’t raise his head. A small bar in a small town with a big impact.

“It feels like our childhood home has been taken away,” said May Magdalene.

Drag queens May Magdalene, Veronica Valentine and Mars all started at The Square’s Stonewall Warehouse.

“I moved to San Marcos, Texas. It was my first expedition to see who I really am and this whole world of people just like me,” May said. Magdalen said.

It was a place not just for them, but for all young students trying to find themselves.

“I didn’t even have to be a drag queen,” Mars said. “Some people just lip-sync for fun.”

The fun didn’t end there. The bar closed abruptly on New Year’s Day. The owner didn’t pay attention to them before selling.

“They’re more than just bartenders to us,” Mars said. “They are family to us and very close to all the staff, so it was really hard to just let them all go on New Year’s Day.”

Created by ex-manager Lena Jacobs, GoFundMe makes for a softer landing. Within 24 hours, they had raised over $5,000 for her.

“Our sisters in New York have heard about it,” Mars said. .”

“The girls from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ are now posting on GoFundMe,” added May Magdalene.

Jacobs decided to create the GoFundMe because his entire staff “has no income at the beginning of the month when bills and rent are due.”

Bar owner Jamie Frericks said it was great to have them support, but wanted to be clear: All employees get two weeks’ pay, and the manager I have received “sufficient amount”.

Frailicks said the bar was not profitable and did not warn employees about the sale or closure. It was not in the best interest of the business, staff or customers. ”

The bar’s supporters hope the next group of LGBTQ+ patrons can find another Stonewall and build a safe place to find themselves.

“It will be remembered for a very, very, very long time,” said Veronica Valentine.

As part of the sale, Stonewall will be revamped and rebranded, according to Frailicks, who also released a full statement regarding the closure of the bar.

Read the full statement and watch the video at

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