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Carolyn Yost, wife of a fashionable minister from Highlandtown, accomplished organist and accomplished gardener, died at Charter Senior Living in Towson on 6 January after a series of strokes. She was 95 years old.

Mrs. Yost was born on June 27, 1927 at her home in Highlandtown.Her father, William Ozek, was a General Motors worker, and her mother, Emma, Kummer Orzech worked for the American Can Company. Mrs. Yost graduated from Patterson Park High School in 1946. When she became an adult, she headed her reunion as the unofficial class president, and she wrote a monthly newsletter.

Mrs. Yost attended church at the Luther Memorial on Eastern Avenue and was appointed church organist at the age of 16. During her childhood, she met her husband, John Yost, her junior pastor at a vacation Bible school. The couple began dating at Paterson Park High School and married in 1950. Mr. Yost was studying to become a Lutheran minister at Gettysburg Theological Seminary. They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Mrs. Yost changed the traditional pastor’s wife role during her husband’s career at several churches, including All Saints Lutheran Church in Baltimore, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, and Epiphany Lutheran Church. The couple worked at the Epiphany Lutheran Church in northeastern Baltimore for 24 years until Yost retired in 1994. Mrs. Yost acted as organist when necessary.

“My mother was a pastor’s wife in the 1950s. said. Her mother was very proud of her figure. She was very conscious of her weight. And she was very fashion-forward,” said her daughter Deborah Teway.

The minister’s wife’s status resembled that of a sitting US president’s first lady, Mr. Teway said, and Mrs. Yost dressed like Jacqueline Kennedy. The lady made a beautiful hat and scarf to match her outfit. She also made costumes for biblical characters that her husband wore for Lent and Advent sermons.

“It was incredible what she could do. And of course she made clothes for all of us.” said.

Mrs. Yost never sat behind her husband. Instead, she was a social force who knew how to move her room: She got to attend church holiday Bible schools, Sunday schools, music education, and Lutheran women’s groups. .

She frequently entertained church members and hosted annual holidays. Yosts raised her four children in her parsonage until purchasing her own home in her Knollwood neighborhood of Towson. As a homeowner, Mrs. Yost loved interior decorating and furniture repair.

She was also a devoted gardener. Mrs. Yost was once able to grow azalea twigs from her 3-inch stump into a bush.

“She could take a branch of something, root it, and plant it. It would be 10 feet tall,” said daughter Christine Yost.

Mrs. Yost was the head of the family and the rock of the family, the family said. She loves being around people and in her later years at the Senior Living Center she participated in bingo and other group activities. Her family said Mrs. Yost, who never told people her age, looked much younger than her.

“She wanted to live. [home] and walk. She was determined to get ahead of her,” she said.

Mrs Yost was predeceased by her husband, John, and a son named John. In addition to her two daughters, Catonville’s son, Geoffrey Yost, survived. Amy Yost with her daughters-in-law Diana Yost. her stepson Patrick Teway and Bill Hannegan. ten grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Worship services are held at 11:00 am on Saturdays at the Epiphany Lutheran Church in Baltimore.

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