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Riesige Auswahl an CDs, Vinyl und MP3s. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Berghaintrainer. An interactive video training for getting into nightclubs And it makes perfect sense. There are manuals, right answers and wrong ones, advice from the notorious doorman Sven Marquardt himself, but nothing is as amazing as interactive video website called Berghain Trainer. It takes you all the way to the door, where you need to answer three questions correctly. The bouncer asks them in German language. So I just won Berghain Trainer after 15 minutes of trying. The secret is too act as sad as possible and give depressing answers. Question 1: How old are you? Answer 1: It doesn't even matter. Question 2: Why should I let you in Now, though, a new virtual program takes the process to its most personal with Berghain Trainer. The idea is pretty simple, a POV camera walks up to the club, through its snaking queue where you meet Sven (not the real one), who asks you 3 questions. Apparently there are right and wrong answers (I keep getting 1 right, hence a consistent.

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An interactive video training for getting into nightclubs. Berghaintrainer. An interactive video training for getting into nightclubs. We really appreciate your help! Check out Berlin's first virtual club RAVE SPACE. A new simulator, called Berghain Trainer, seeks to replicate the very same dynamic of the final encounter at the Berghain door. It places you in front of a simulated replacement for Sven, allowing you to interact with a fictitious bouncer as he asks you three questions before deciding whether to let you into the club or not Infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain is notorious for being just so incredibly difficult to get into. And last week, a bunch of American teens on TikTok randomly stumbled upon the club's existence thanks to Berghain Trainer, a site that uses your laptop's camera and microphone to analyse your body language The Berghain Trainer site uses your camera to pick up your image and your microphone to hear your responses. It judges your anger, sadness, amazement, and euphoria by mapping out your facial expressions. The leather jacketed 55 kg bouncer, along with his ironic hipster hair cut is acting all kinds of hard while he sizes you up


There are guides online about how to dress to get in to Berghain, ebooks written on the topic and features in every lifestyle magazine or website. Add to that a recent GQ portrait on Sven Marquardt, the famous doorman who governs the world's hardest door I had discovered that there exists an online training site that takes you through the Berghain bouncer experience virtually, called Berghain Trainer. Its welcoming mobile icon displays the words Only 2/10 get in. The trainer tracks your body language and emotions while you answer 3 questions in German at the door The least busy times for the Berghain are late Saturday night (at least 3 or 4 hours past midnight) or early Sunday morning. Berghain is open Thursdays (10 p.m.-5 a.m.) and Fridays (12-9 a.m.) as well as Saturdays at midnight through Sundays at 11:59 p.m. The busiest time to visit Berghain is 1 a.m. on Saturday nights Getting into Berghain is never an easy task. Spending a night or day inside the hallowed super club in Berlin has become somewhat of a right of passage for many Techno aficionados, but getting past the bouncers is a necessary step to enjoying the experience

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The Berghain Trainer is as much of an enigma to me as the real Berghain is haha. level 1. Lotrug. 1 point · 4 years ago. look really bored and you get in, look like you don't wanna get in :) level 1. drewie123_. 1 point · 4 years ago. Tried 3 times TikTok creators are using the Berghain Trainer website so much it keeps crashing . The infamous Berghain is known across the world not only as one of the best but also hardest clubs to get into. The club's bouncer, Sven Marquardt, is almost as famous as the club itself for his tattoos, general demeanour and secret method of deciding who and who doesn't get let in

Berghain is the timeless mystery of nightlife culture. Its notoriously selective bouncer Sven Marquardt has become a legend of sorts, while the fascination with getting into the venue has even spurred virtual reality simulations and made the nightclub one of the most widespread myths and memes of the scene.. Illustrator Sophie Halamoda has zeroed in on this Berghain obsession and created a. A new website - Berghain Trainer - has been created to let would-be revellers try their hand at gaining access to the venue once described as the world capital of techno. Hugh Morris.

Berghain has one of the strictest door policies in the world. Sometimes even world famous DJs don't make the cut. When it comes to getting into this infamous club, there are certain unspoken rules that everyone in Berlin knows: wear black, break into small groups and don't talk in the line. Yet, sometimes these well-known rules aren't enough, so these eleven secret things will help you. 31 May 2016. Berghain is one of the world's most famous clubs that people travel across the globe to attend. It can often turn out to be a wasted trip with the nightspot's notorious door policy turning hundreds of people away each night. To give you a better shot next time, someone has set up a virtual reality simulator to practice gaining. A Q&A with the debaucherous techno club's world-famous bouncer, Sven Marquardt. Every weekend, as dawn breaks over Berlin, a line of several hundred people curls back from the hulking shell of a.

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  1. d, we rounded up ten of the club's regular DJs to find out their ultimate Berghain memory. Or at least, the printable ones. Radio Slave. I've been playing the club on a regular basis for over 10 years now and it's always an experience. Last February I was asked to close the Panorama Bar
  2. We asked Aubry and Burghardt about their Berghain Trainer to get an insider's perspective on creating a viral sensation that got thousands of shares in just a few days. They responded via email and answered the questions together. Format: The idea for Berghain Trainer is simple, yet clever. Those are the hardest ideas to come up with
  3. 8 Stereotypes About Berghain That Are True. Berlin has long been known for its unparalleled nightlife scene. People come from far and wide to party like the city's natives, but fitting in might require a little bit of legwork, particularly for those who are thinking about going to Berghain. Only individuals who look and act the part will get.
  4. Berghain nightclub in Berlin, Germany. At 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday in January, the massive main dance floor at Berlin's Berghain is full. Dino Sabatini, an Italian DJ with short dark hair, is.
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  1. Berghain: The Secretive, Sex-Fueled World of Techno's Coolest Club Berlin's Berghain is famed for its groundbreaking sounds and X-rated sights, but the club is also a test case for how tourism.
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