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High Body Blue Cobalt Discus. Home / Blues / High Body Blue Cobalt Discus. $ 29.75. Call for price! 2.5 inches. SKU: WEB-HBCobalt Category: Blues Tag: Fish. Description. Reviews (0) Call for price Description. symphysodon spp. Want quality Cobalt Blue Discus? We got em! These are high quality fish specimens that are very easy to take care. The most important factors of keeping your fish colorful and healthy is water temperature and food types offered. Water temperature should always be 78-84 degrees Fahrenheit Cobalt Discus. Home / Blues / Cobalt Discus $ 29.75 - $ 60.00. Fish Size: Clear: Cobalt Discus quantity. Add to cart. SKU: WEB Tiger Blue Panda Discus. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 85.95 - $ 149.50; See It Coerulea Discus $ 49.75 - $ 99.75; See It Red Snakeskin Discus $ 89.95; See It Striated Red Discus Blue Cobalt Blue Discus. 3.5/5 (17 Reviews) Skills. Posted on. January 12, 2019 ←.

Imported directly from master breeder Alexander Piwowarski! For more details please visit my website at http://www.canadianaquafarm.co Cobalt Blue Discus. Is also sometimes called Neon Blue discus. It is between 2 to 4 inches in size and is a native of the Amazon River. Leopard-Skin Discus. This discus is a result of crossbreeding mutated variants of the red-spotted green discus. Golden Marlboro Discus

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  1. Welcome to the Carolina's finest Discus Fish boutique, Myrtle Beach Discus, The Premium stop for Grade-A, Show quality Discus Fish for sale. Located in sunny Myrtle Beach, we offer the best live arrival guarantee on all discus fish. New shipments every month- we keep it fresh so you don't get bored- Shop now
  2. Another way to divide domestic discus is by color. Discus are commonly divided into color classes at shows. Class 10 Blue (Blue Diamond, Cobalt, etc.) Class 11 Red (any red discus) Class 12 Yellow (Pigeon Blood, Golden, Yellow Crystal, Golden Spotted) Class 13 White (Any white discus) Snow White (White pigeon blood
  3. Blue discus fish come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. If you are looking for a beautiful tropical blue, then feel free to dive into our wide variety of fish below. Some of our blues include: Turquoise Discus. Cobalt Discus. Blue Diamond Discus. High Body Blue Diamond Discus
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This video will show you about giant Cobalt Blue Discus in Blue Diamond Discus #tank. Best #discus varieties. Hope all guys will enjoy this video and love Aq.. High Body Blue Cobalt Discus $ 29.75; See It High Body Blue Panda Discus $ 79.75; See It Cobalt Discus $ 29.75 - $ 60.00; JACK WATTLEY DISCUS. STORE LOCATION: 6944 NE 4th Avenue. Miami, FL 33138. FOLLOW US. MEET JACK WATTLEY DISCUS. About Us. Our Blog. Our Shop. Join Jack Wattley. NEED HELP? Shipping Info

The Green Cobalt Discus' mild colors allow for the wonderful symmetry between the dorsal and tail fin to shine more vibrantly than in other species of Discus with more complicated patterns. This psychedelic eye candy will be the tiger of your tank, with its subtly fierce stripes that offset the pastel pink, blue and glimmering golden-green A short video of our Cobalt Blue Discus breeding pair during spawning. More information on our discus farm, as well as videos and pictures of our discus stoc.. Hi all. have one Blue Cobalt Discus and had been planning on getting a few more and getting a Discus only tank going. Time, money and a possible relocation out of state later this year are going to prevent that though. In the meantime I still love this fish. so 2 questions. 1) can I house him in a 20 gallon for a while (he's still a juvie, about 3 inches)

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Cobalt Discus Fish 3+ Inch. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 45.00. Add to cart Quick view; Cobalt Discus Fish 4 Inch $ 75.00. Add to cart Quick view; Cobalt Discus Fish +/- 5 Inch. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 125.00. Add to cart Quick view; Filter by price. Filter — Categories. Alenquer Discus; Blue Diamond Discus; Brilliant Turquoise Discus; Checkerboard. DiscusUSA Blue Diamond and Blue Cobalt Discus dime size (pack of 8) [BDBC_DIME-8] - NOW TAKING ORDERS. AVAILABLE ON/ABOUT JUNE 30TH This listing is for a mix of Super Blue Angel (blue diamonds) and Electric Blue Cobalts. A pack of 8 mixed that are approximately dime size. Parents are from the World Champion Tony Tan Cardinal Nose tetras are very good indicator fish in an aquarium. Their colors tend to fade in colour and intensity as water conditions deteriorate, a sure sign that a water change is needed. Cardinal nose tetras favor pristine water conditions. We are a supplier of Cardinal Tetras to the National Aquarium in Inner Harbor, Baltimore Discus are fish that ive always wanted to keep, but never felt comfortable with, since they have very extensive requirements. I believe i've finally reached.

Cobalt Discus Fish 2.5 Inch. The Cobalt or Kobalt Discus Fish is one of the original Blue Discus Fish. These were bred for their Solid Blue color, however they do show vertical bands through their adolecent growth phase. They are different from a Blue Diamond Discus because the BD is bred to show no vertical bands at all Discus; Medium Discus; 3.5-4 Cobalt Blue; 3.5-4 Cobalt Blue. $78.75. $39.38 (You save $39.37) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review ×. 3.5-4 Cobalt Blue. Rating. Common Name: Cobalt Blue Discus, Neon Blue Discus, Discus Scientific Name: Symphysodon Aequifaciatus sp. Average Adult Fish Size: 8 inches / 20 cm Place of Origin: Amazon basin of S. America Typical Tank Setup: Well planted with driftwood / bogwood and some rock work. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 40 gallon / 160 litre Compatibility: Discus are a very peaceful fish and should be kept. So, we are offering our discus for you to try out and judge for yourself. A family farm, in business since 1987. Shipping size currently around 2″+. Order No less than 3 to get this pricing! Minimum quantity for Hi Fin Cobalt Discus is 3 A video with closeups of my Stendker discus. They are adult discus ranging in size from about 4.5 to 6.5 and consist of a Cobalt, Checkerboard, Blue Pigeon..

Blue Diamond Discus Fish 2.5 Inch. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 30.00 30.0 Discus Hans USA - World Class Stendker Discus Fish. Hello and welcome to my online store! A lot has changed with the look and feel compared to the old store, but it's all about the Stendker Discus I sell, and those haven't changed a bit. They are still the same discus that you were able to purchase on my old online store Pictured above: a young 2 to 2.5 premium quality Cobalt Blue Discus, swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture. Note: Our guy The Big Katuna says Our customers should really be interested in these Discus. We have a new supplier, who ships these Discus to us, and they arrive in super good condition. Plus they eat the pellet food that we recommend, and they ar 3 Blue Cobalt Discus. Min. Tank Size: 50gl. These fish should not be kept with overly aggressive predatory towards especially small fish. Fish bigger than 2 are ideal tank mates. Its striking and varying coloration with a unique behavior make it a prized fish. They require exceptional care and water parameters (as stated above)

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  1. Cobalt discus fish are a colorful cobalt-blue discus strain. The cobalt discus have markings in the face and fins. Some cobalt discus have a solid colored body, but others will show their black stress bars. Cobalts were extremely popular in the 1990's. The creation of the blue diamond discus has made the cobalt less popular over the years
  2. Cobalt or Blue Diamond. HI this is my third discus (actually 3b, 3a was returned for murdering angelfish). He was randomnly received at the LFS with regular Turquoise Discus. I was wondering if he was a cobalt or blue diamond? He is roughly two inches, with absoulutely no lines bars or striations
  3. We name the discus that we breed with the genes they carry. If it is a Cobalt, we call it Cobalt, not Sparkling Diamond Shiny Blue Cobalt. Just Cobalt
  4. Class 10 - This class is for the Blue Discus. It includes Cobalt Discus and Blue Diamond Discus. Class 11 - Discus that belong to this class is the red Discus. Examples are Eagle Discus and Red Snakeskin. Class 12 - This is a class for the yellow Discus fish. Examples include Golden, Yellow Crystal, Pigeon blood and Golden Spotted Discus
  5. Your Assorted Premium Discus 3 Pack may include a variety of premium Discus such as Red Turquoise, Red Marlboro, Blue Diamond, Albino Blue Diamond, Pigeon Blood or Cobalt Blue Discus. Discus names are based on color varieties resulting from controlled breeding. The overall color and pattern of Discus will vary depending on variety, mood and.
  6. This is a relatively new coloring, displaying an eye-catching blue coloration. They come in a variety of vibrant blue colors, some commonly mixed with white or black patterned lines. Most of the shades of blue are classified as cobalt or royal blue on these discuss fish. They also come in light shades of brown mixed with blue or white
  7. The ones I have seen differ as follows: Cobalt often has red eyes, while the blue diamond has yellow. Cobalt is a much lighter blue, while Diamond is a deeper darker blue. Breeders try to breed out the yellow eyes, in diamonds, by crossing them with cobalt, select fry with diamond appearance, but with red eyes

Local NYC Delivery Only Blue Cobalt Discus Fish COBALT BLUE DISCUS select; COBALT BLUE DISCUS select. SKU: discusfls14800082. $120.00) Write a Review. The discus is the most popular freshwater fish and is increasing in popularity as more and more variants of this beautiful come available. They require a more advance level of husbandry skills and care due to is food requirements and water. Blue Cobalt Mosaic Discus Fish - 2.5 inch: $49.00 $25.95: These will be between 2.25 and 2.75 inches with most of them being 2.5 inches. These are a deep slate blue as juveniles and already have quite a bit of their coloration by two and a half inches. As they mature the blue will become a deep metallic navy blue Purple Cobalt Discus (2 Inches) $ 54.99 $ 49.99. -9%. Purple Cobalt Discus (2 inch) pH: 6 - 6.5. Temperature: 77 F - 84 F. Size: Up to 6 Inches. Age: Up to 10 years. Scientific Name: Symphysodon aequifaciatus haraldi

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Discus Blue Cobalt. Regular price $44.99 Sale price $44.99 Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price / per . The King of the Aquarium, otherwise known as the discus will be a perfect fit for you. Their beautiful vibrant colors and patterns make them wonders. Although they are so vibrant, these are freshwater fish, our specialization Cobalt Aquatics Discus flake fish foods are highly palatable formulas for Discus. Loaded with nutrient rich ingredients ensuring consistent growth and superior color. All Cobalt flake foods feature Cobalt's BLUE flake, which has triple concentration of vitamins that help support a healthy immune system

Mac's Discus Fish For Sale - Free Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee! My name is Steve MacDonald, and my nickname is Mac. Keeping discus fish has been a hobby and passion since the mid 70's. Breeding and raising thousands of them over the years, I've been able to witness the explosion of exciting new discus fish colors available to hobbyists. The Neon Blue Discus, also known as the Cobalt Blue Discus, is a brilliant sky blue. The overall coloration of Discus will vary depending on mood and overall health of the fish. The Discus has surpassed the Angelfish as the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Depending on sub-species, the natural range of the Discus extends from the Amazon.

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Cobalt Blue Discus. You are here: Home. Products tagged Cobalt Blue Discus. Rudolf Wagner on Instagram: Cobalt Blue Discus Male ⠀ #discus #diskus #diskusfische #aquarium #symphysodon #tropicalfish #discusfarm #discusfish #fish Saved by Nick Cucco. 186. Tropical Freshwater Fish Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tropical Fish Discus Aquarium Discus Fish Saltwater Tank Saltwater Aquarium Acara Disco Fauna Marina Beautifully hand painted Red Panda Discus on a Cobalt Blue Wine Glass. (18oz) All glasses are dishwasher safe. Related products. Apricot Rainbow Discus Wine Glass $ 30.00. Add to cart Add to cart Details. Yellow Diamond Discus Stemless Wine Glass $ 30.00 BLUE DIAMOND DISCUS AQUARIUM SPECIFICS. Again, this is a more advanced discus fish to care for because their aquarium care is more involved. The temperature for a Blue Diamond Discus ranges between 78 and 86 degrees F, with a pH that needs to stay between 6.3 and 7.2. The hardness of the water is also a key component to the success of your Blue.

My discus(4inches plus) have turned black due to stress.& lie on one side of the tank in a cluster.They eat but very less. In case of one female blue diamond which is effected,her skin seems to be peeling. In Diwali season as there is a lot of noise & vibration due to bursting of crackers in India,Discus seem to encounterthe above problem.I. Blue Cobalt ⚡️ขนาด 3-3.5 นิ้ว ปลาฟ้าอย่างมีสไตล์ คาดหน้าดุๆ ชอบแบบมีลายที่ตัว หรือแบบฟ้าเกลี้ยงเกลา สามารถเลือกได้เลยครับ #bluecobalt #bluediscus #ปอมปาดัวร์ #discus #galaxydiscu Blue Diamond Discus: Blue Diamond Discus were at first produced by breeders from Malaysia and Hong Kong, who found out that some Blue Turquise Discus (Cobalt blue) fry were clear in color.When these transparent fry were grown out, their bodies were solid blue colored with no markings or patterns on their own body, gill covers or fins Extremely lustrous, Blue Diamonds are white with a deep.

Home / IP Discus / IP Cobalt Blue IP Cobalt Blue. Size: Clear: Minus Quantity-IP Cobalt Blue quantity Plus Quantity + — OR — Add to cart. Class 10 - This class is for the blue discus fish including cobalt and blue diamond discus fish; Class 11 - This class is for the red discus fish such as red eagle and red snakeskin; Class 12 - This class is for the yellow discus fish - examples include golden, yellow crystal, pigeon blood, and golden spotte

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with a Cobalt Blue Discus By Tony Griffitts. Heckel Discus have a reputation of being difficult to breed in captivity. Over 10 years ago I was lucky enough to find 3 inch (7.5 cm) Wild Heckel Discus for sale at a local fish store. I bought two and raised them to adulthood with various other discus species and strains Jual Ikan Discus Blue Cobalt & Blue Turqoise dengan harga Rp80.000 dari toko online Azzura77 Shop, Kota Bandung. Cari produk Makanan Ikan lainnya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia Discus Blue Cobalt. Request Price. Send Request. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5 fishes. It may take up to 10 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. In case if for whatever reason we can't get the fishes in the 10 working days your payment will be refunded. If there are any questions you have then. US Tropical Fish. 48 mins ·. Visit our Discus Warehouse to see these fish up close and hand pick your favorite. Walk-ins and Appointments are available every Wednesdays to Saturdays. Visit our online store @ www.USTropicalFish.com. 11

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Tank 12 possible pair 5 Red white. $349.99 $262.49. 1 in stock. Add to Cart. On Sale! Save 25%. Add to Cart Overnight shipping within Illinois is $39 Flat Rate. To Online Store.

Blue Cobalt Discus Fish Blue Diamond Albino Discus Fish Blue Diamond Discus Fish Blue Snakeskin Discus Fish Blue Turquoise (Stripe) Discus Fish Blue Turquoise Discus Fish Blue White Discus Fish Bold Red Universe F-2 Discus Fish Brilliant Blue Discus Fish Brown Discus Fish Calico Discus Fish Candy Apple Red Discus Fish Checkerboard Discus Fish. Blue Cobalt discus fish, around 2.5, healthy, raised in tap water. Eats blood worms, pellets and flakes. I'm downsizing so selling some of my fish. $4 Auction for 1 blue cobalt discus size around 10-11cm (not including tail) health and eating well Please click on link below to get to our new site! http://www.exotic-discus.com Back to To 3 Blue Cobalt Discus. $99.99. Absolutely Fish Naturals. 1.5 Gold Angel. $14.99. Absolutely Fish Naturals. 1.5 Black Angel. $14.99. Absolutely Fish is one of the largest retail fish stores in the state of New Jersey, housing over 9,000 gallons of marine fish and invertebrates, as well as 5,000 gallons of freshwater fish from around the world..

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Blue Diamond: Essentially a 'solid cobalt', but the black bars have been completely removed through selective breeding. The reduction in black pigment gives these fish a bright, lighter blue colour than most 'solid' discus. The Pigeon Blood mutants: These fish have a gene that disrupts the distribution of the black pigment My Cobalt Blue Discus Pair . rabbut I don't bite, all that often... Joined Jun 18, 2007 Messages 5,923 Reaction score 0 Location Leeds, United Kingdom. Nov 5, 2008 #2 Nice Looking good and healthy, good colour and shape All the best Rabbut . ikongoni Fish Crazy. Joined Sep 3, 2004 Messages 284 Reaction score 0 Location Essex Cobalt Blue Discus. £ 24.00 - £ 106.00 ex VAT. Please choose your preferred fish size from the drop-down list below. It may take up to 15 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. In case if for whatever reason we can't get the fishes in the 15 working days your payment will be refunded Cobalt blue discus $ 25.99 $ 19.99. Cobalt blue discus 2.5″disc beautiful as you can see. Out of stock. Categories: Discus fish, Freshwater fish, Oddball Community Fish, South american cichlids. Related products. Lima shovelnose catfish $ 49.99 Add to cart; Geophagus daemon. Sale! $ 59.99 $ 49.99 Add to cart I do water change around 40% twice a week. The last time I check ammonia is 0ppm and pH is 7.4 ( I think it's higher cause API pH test kit can only test until 7.4) Tank size 3.5ft x 1.5x 1.5. Have around 20+ cardinal tetra, 3 flying fox, 2snails, 6 Philippines blue angel (juvenile), 6 panda Cory, 3 amano ,1flagtail (juvenile) and 7 discus.

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V.Aquarium Ltd.,Part 263 LeabklongParsricharoen Fangtai Road, Nongkheam District, Nongkheam Bangkok 10160 Thailand Tel : 662-4293118, 662-4293119 Fax : 662-8149188 Mobile : 6681-9154225 , 6693-689454 Blue Snakeskin (Male) and Cobalt Blue (Female) Discus spawning ️ ⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠ #EuropaDiscusCenter #diskusfische #symphysodon #discustank #diskusfisch #discuslovers #discus #diskus #tropicalfish #freshwaterfish #discusbreeding #discusfish #cichlid #freshwater #fishofinstagram (hier: EuropaDiscusCenter 4. Angel Dream Discus. 5. Angel's Diamond Discus. 6. Asian Dream Discus. 7. Blue Cobalt Discus. 8. Blue Heckel Cross Discus. 9. Blue Knight Discus. 10. Blue.

Cobalt blue Discus 3.5 inch size Very healthy Kept in tap water+prime 30 degree temp Feeding beef heart + granules. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. Read more about it here In addition to the wild discus, several captive variants achieved by selective breeding exist. Based on RAPD sequences, the captive variants popularly known as turquoise, pigeon, ghost, cobalt and solid red are derived from wild green, blue and brown discus (not Heckel discus). Descriptio Cobalt Blue Diamond 10-11. $125.00 Product Description. We take pride in providing healthy world class discus fish to our customers. Hand-selected specimen. Find Similar Products by Category. Discus

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5 Stendker Discus for sale. Marlboro Red Blue Diamond Cobalt Brill Turq Scribble Red. Kept in regular tap water treated with dechlorantor. Eating a mixture of Beef heart and various pellets. Any questions, more pictures or viewings welcome. Collection from Milland Gu307nl. Price is £50 per fis Dec 28, 2015 - Order Cobalt Blue Discus Fish right from the family farm in Vietnam from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Call or click here today to orde

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Blue Cobalt Discus 5-5½ £95.00. IP Discus Malaysia. Add to Cart Buy Now. Quick view Compare Add to My Wish List. Red Valentine Discus 5-5½ £95.00. IP Discus Malaysia. Previous Next. Add to Cart Buy Now. Quick view Compare Add to My Wish List. White Tiger Discus 5-5½ £225.00. IP Discus Malaysia. Cobalt Blue Zebra Mbuna Cichlid Pictures: a 5 long mature male Cobalt swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us took this picture. Click on each picture to see a large picture. The strain we have to sell now is the best available, as you can see in the picture The Cobalt Blue Zebra is a gorgeous fish. Their deep blue vertical stripes coordinate well with their light blue bodies. Males of the species also develop several orange-colored spots on their rear fin that provide a striking contrast to the shades of blue. Upon reaching adulthood, these fish are typically 5-6 inches long

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Keep your pH between about 6 and 7. The ideal pH for discus is around 6.5. If your pH is over 7 or below 6 it may begin to cause discus stress. Tank bred Discus species have been known to thrive in pH as high as 7.8 as long as there is little/no fluctuation. Relative water hardness should be 1dH - 8dH Farm: JIT Laiseng Discus Farm. Breeder: Koay Kheng Lock. 11cm BO. Weight. 5 kg. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Cobalt Blue X Tiger 10cm BO Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published

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view 6 full verison photos of 60 gallons freshwater fish - photo #1 - my blue cobalt discus - Fish Kept - discus + angel fish - Corals/Plants - silk & plastic plants - dimensions : 120cm * 60cm *30cm filtration : eheim. Discus. -. $15. (Austin) 2 @ $15.00 each. Pigeon blood, Cobalt blue Alenquers and turquoises. Come and take a look. If you see the add I have fish available, I breed them and always adding new fish as some are sold. The map shows the right location

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Discus Hans USA has been growing every month since we started in our Baltimore Fish House a few years ago. Our partnership with Stendker Discus has enabled us to bring the Highest Quality Discus Fish for your Aquariums.. Through the Stendker Families dedication to the art of breeding Discus Fish the have created a reputation as one of the World's Best Discus Breeders GET DISCUS $ 0.00 Cart. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube +1 747-888-9694; Discus. Small Discus; Medium Discus; Large Discus; Extra Large Discus; Breeding Pairs; Wholesale Pre-Order. Indonesia; Thailand Ikan Discus Blue Cobalt & Blue Turqoise di Tokopedia ∙ Promo Pengguna Baru ∙ Cicilan 0% ∙ Kurir Instan Blue Cobalt Discus. $125. Posted 35 minutes ago. Calgary, AB T2Z, Canada. Favourite. Description. XL Very healthy and active! Show more. 0 visits. K. Kijiji User. Private seller. 1 listing--avg reply--reply rate--on Kijiji. Sponsored Advertisements