Botanical Garden, Lakes, Children’s Play Area & More! Bahrain Opens 75-Year-Old Water Garden Post Renovation

You may have heard about or visited many parks to get close to nature, but the one we’re going to talk about today is something completely different. An old project that took years to revamp has come back to life. We are talking about a water garden in Manama city, Bahrain. The 75-year-old garden has recently been renovated and opened to the public. If you are Bahraini your parents might be familiar with this place. Check out what’s new.

Nostalgic Bahrain Water Garden reopens after renovation

Photo credit: Instagram/mun_bh

The old project has been beautifully renovated and is now just a park. There is a botanical garden and a children’s playground with updated swings for children. You can also find his two lakes that enhance the beauty of the whole area. The green space has also been redesigned, giving the whole area a great look.

Considering the large-scale development, the kingdom’s intention is to create public gardens, parks and recreational areas. On January 16, 2023, Her Royal Highness Princess Khalifa, Queen’s wife and head of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) Advisory Council, Sabhi Kabin Ibrahim Al, officially opened it.

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The Queen praised her efforts at the inauguration


Photo credit: Instagram/mun_bh

Guhur Water Garden, which closed in 2017, underwent extensive renovations at a cost of over 2.5 million baht. Officials emphasized the importance of maintaining the unique garden’s historical identity.

His Highness applauded the tremendous efforts made by many organizations, both public and private.

One of the largest parks in the country, it has many water features that attract many birds. In addition, it offers approximately 300 car parking spaces and many public facilities, passenger walkways, rest areas and children’s playgrounds.

A total of (1165) trees, including palm trees, were preserved during the development process along with others.


Photo credit: Instagram/mun_bh

Are you familiar with this iconic Bahrain Water Garden?

Cover image provided by: Instagram/mun_bh

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