Cherished Mix CD Revealed as “Garden State” Soundtrack

Nashua, New Hampshire — Local woman Sherry Eastman was shocked to learn that her favorite mix CD as a teenager was Zach Braff’s Garden State soundtrack album .

“My classmate Becca made this for me when we met at summer camp in 2004. We wrote songs every day and said we would send each other a weekly mix CD of our favorite songs, and in the third week we would mix everything from Barenaked Ladies and Black Eyed Peas to indie rock gems. But that was the last CD I got, and the emails quickly stopped: “I put two songs from Avenue Q in my last mix, so I thought she hated me.” I tried to contact her but her away message was always “you are not available because you are playing a computer game that takes up the entire screen”. “

Becca Feldman, a deceased friend of Eastman’s, claims her decision to appropriate the selection as her own was not malicious.

“I didn’t mean to plagiarize any of Zach Braff’s work. Sophomore year was just a busy time. I went cross-country, got cast as Hodel in ‘The Fiddler,’ and started dating Jason McCarthy.” “I only had half an hour to burn something on the family computer, so I grabbed whatever was on my brother’s nightstand. is.

A recent study revealed that mixtape creative theft is more common than previously thought.

Dr. Leslie Beckerman, professor of music theory at the University of Vermont, said: “For adolescents, the exchange of mixtapes is difficult to maintain, and many look to lift music from soundtracks, college radio broadcasts, and even other mixed CDs from cool classmates. My high school boyfriend only had one tape to dub to friends, lovers and family, knowing he pretended to be so special to me , it still hurts today.

Eastman says he forgave Feldman, especially after learning that all of his father’s favorite songs were from the “Top Gun” soundtrack.

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