Community garden, volunteers give back to Greenville

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s many goals was to help his community and give back whenever and wherever possible.

Monday was the time to pull out your shovel, roll up your sleeves and do just that at the Greenville Community Garden and Orchard. Chad Carwein, ECU Sustainability Manager, manages the site. This place is used to provide food and teach gardening to local residents. It is also used to use their efforts to procure food that can be provided to organizations that need it.

(Ryan Harper, WNCT Photo)

Located at 209 Stansil Drive in Greenville, volunteers frequently meet at the Greenville Community Garden and Orchard to help keep the garden healthy. On Monday, Michelle Song, her junior at DH Conley High School, Volunteer with Love A Sea Turtle and creator of Community for Environmental Sustainability, joined others helping to maintain and grow the garden.

(Ryan Harper, WNCT Photo)

In the video above, Carwein and Song go into more detail on how to manage your garden, give back to your community, and more. For more information on Community Gardens, click here.

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