Country Garden Forest City garners the Global Model of Green and Intelligent Construction Award at SCAHSA 2022

Foshan, China, December 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the 17th Annual Session of the 2022 Global Forum for Human Settlements (GFHS) and Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards Ceremony (SCAHSA 2022) on December 15-16, Forest City , an integrated residential city located in a country garden Malaysiawon the Global Models for Green and Intelligent Construction award for its green and intelligent building approach to real estate development.

SCAHSA 2022 aims to promote green change by recognizing outstanding achievements in the realm of sustainable cities and human settlements, with Forest City being a prime example, thanks to the project’s innovative ideas, technology and experience. It was meant to highlight the impact.

It is the 7th year in a row that Country Garden Forest City has won the SCAHSA Awards, so far the 2021 Global Model for Low Carbon Urban Planning and Design, the 2020 Global Model for Coastal Eco-Environmental Protection, and the 2019 Global Green Smart It has won accolades such as City. , 2018 Global Model for City and Industry Integration, 2017 Global Model for Green Building Industrial Park, and 2016 Global Human Settlement Award for Planning and Design.

of September 2020, Forest City issued the Forest City Ecological Development Action Plan during the launch of the Ecomuseum Phase 1 exhibition hall. The plan outlines the objectives and goals of the eco-city development, operation and management from the project’s inception in 2014 to the present, and expectations for the future. As part of the plan, Forest City aims to create a green and vibrant city with diverse industries and cultures, promoting economic growth through high-tech industries, while serving as the foundation for the town’s infrastructure. Implement a green development strategy.

Forest City has parks and green spaces of varying heights from the ground to the roofs of buildings throughout the city, forming an area of ​​2.86 million square meters horizontally and approximately 256,000 meters vertically. In doing so, the project achieved carbon sequestration by plants while reducing the heat island effect and reducing the energy consumption of the temperature control system. In addition, developers will help build the resilience of towns and cities by enabling smart and convenient passenger transport via smart applications and providing a coherent and green supporting infrastructure for healthier modes of transport. and promoted eco-mobility by encouraging walking and cycling. Through a five-dimensional smart operational approach that integrates smart systems in the areas of management, transport, security and community, the widespread application of cutting-edge technology throughout the town will improve productivity while empowering town residents. We offer positive lifestyle choices. and home.

In addition, proponents of the Sponge City concept (a descriptor for cities with natural urban areas such as trees, lakes, parks, or other well-designed features intended to absorb rain and prevent flooding). Forest City has built a water circulation system. It enables centralized collection and treatment of sewage while building reclaimed water reuse systems for rooftop greening, vertical greening, outdoor greening and sprinkling. Currently, most of the water used for greening within the development is reclaimed water. In the future, we plan to save water by applying seawater desalination technology.

The CGPV Industrialized Building System (CIBS) plant, which started operation in 2017, is a comprehensive system covering the entire industrial chain, including technology research and development, standardized building design, automated production of prefabricated components, intelligent logistics, and finished product construction. modern, intelligent construction facility. prefabricated building. Fast, safe, top-of-the-line construction facility with nearly 400 acres of Gross Floor Area (GFA), as well as reducing construction time by at least 30%, increases productivity and competitiveness, creating a sustainable environment also helps. Significantly reduce construction waste.

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