Cremated remains stolen from unlocked car outside Glendale Garden Café

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Parker Hanson is desperately looking for what was stolen from his car.

“I know car burglaries may not be a high priority, but for me it was stolen,” Hanson said.

His classic Corvette was parked outside the Glendale Gardens Cafe this afternoon with the door unlocked. While Hanson was in the car, someone opened the passenger door and took off with the luggage in the seat. The package contained the cremated remains of Hanson’s friend Mike Niles.

Of Niles, 66, of Ludington, Michigan, Hanson added, “I want the box back so my friend can rest the right way.” He died of lung cancer on January 15, 2023. Niles’ family has entrusted Hanson to hold his remains until a ceremony can be held at Lake Michigan this summer.

Hanson picked up the body from the Waterville Post Office this afternoon and went to the Glendale Garden Cafe. Surveillance footage from the restaurant showed a man stealing luggage and boarding a TARTA bus, he said.

“I could see a man and a woman walking by my car. The man opened the door, grabbed the pack, grabbed the box, and immediately jumped on the bus,” Hanson said.

The Glendale Garden Cafe was closed by the time 13abc arrived and no one replied to our messages. However, Mr. Hanson was able to see the TARTA bus number on the video. He contacted the transportation service, but no one at TARTA was able to locate the package, nor could they identify the suspect.

Hanson spent the afternoon checking the bus near a restaurant that closed at 3pm. Coincidentally, Hanson was at his Glendale Garden Café, saying he attended a meeting with the Toledo Neighborhoods Peace Coalition.

“It’s ironic that I happened to be at an anti-crime conference in Toledo and something like this happened, but I hope someone will step up and understand how important it is to get the box back. I really feel it,” Hanson explained. The box was marked “cremated human remains,” but also said there was paper on top that may have covered the label.

He asks anyone with a box to call 419-654-3323.

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