Design your fall garden now

The days are getting longer, and catalogs arrive by mail or via the Internet. Believe it or not, now is a great time to think about your fall garden. Just as a grower needs to think ahead to be able to sell plants at the right time, so too do gardeners need to think ahead to be able to buy the right plants at the right time.

Most of the plants you buy in spring are for spring, summer and fall gardens. I emphasize autumn because I think more about buying fall colors for perennials, shrubs and trees. First, think about the colors you currently have and the colors you want to get. Then you need to think about the type, location and size of plants that will fulfill these wishes. Finally, you should research the specific plants you need and be prepared to buy them when they become available or find replacements.

To decide which plants you need, you have to think of the whole scheme, but your first priority should be trees. Trees are best planted in late fall or during winter dormancy. In addition to having inventory left over from last year, tree sellers are delivering new trees now that tree planting season is in full swing. The sooner you plant a tree, the better.

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