Destiny 2’s Final Shape Expansion May Rely Heavily on the Gardener and Winnower Creation Myth

destiny 2 has provided players with a rich tapestry of lore and history that embodies its universe and the forces within it. The current tale of light and darkness is getting a new chapter in the form of Lightfall, set to end with The Final Shape story expansion ending the struggle between these two paracausal forces. . The results have not yet been revealed, but destiny 2players can gain information through the creation myth of the Gardener and Sorter.

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The lore detailing this myth does not appear in any playable missions or cutscenes, but is instead found in the Unveiling entry available to players. destiny 2Eris Morn after completing the Beyond mission in Shadowkeep. These entries provide comprehensive information on the disputes found within the subject, destiny 2 In space, players should be aware that Darkness is the narrator and that account may not be trusted.

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Destiny 2 Gardener and Sorter

according to destiny 2In lore, gardeners and pickers lived in gardens, which were considered fields that could foreshadow existence. This is explained by the fact that the garden existed before the times when time did not begin. Gardner and Winower were not alive, but they existed as ontological dynamics of advanced mathematical constructions without precedents or building, don’t get me wrong destiny 2‘s Black Garden was a blueprint for all possible spaces in which possible universes could occur, and these two entities played a game within it called the “Flower Game”.

In the Garden, the Gardener is the rule that allows the flowers to be placed, spread and maintained in every tick of the game time, representing the light. Sorter, which means darkness, is a rule that sorted flowers. Then, in the morning, the gardener sowed the seeds to see how they would turn out, and in the evening the sorters cut the crops, separating the living from the non-living. Long, the night is fast.

What is the Flower Game in Destiny 2?

We had a gardener and a sorter in the garden, planting and thinning flowers in the morning and evening, so we played a game of possibilities during the day. The Flower Game thus becomes a metaphor for explaining the simulated reality created by light and darkness in this primal garden. Governed by a list of rules, the game was played with open and closed flowers representing shaded or empty squares.

The rules explained in lore books may seem simple, but from a lore perspective, destiny 2, the game was complex and intricate, almost like chess, because the entire universe could be described by a series of shapes and patterns that spell existence. But as Gardener and Winnower play the game, he eventually emerges in one independent form, consuming all others and dominating the board.

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New Flower Game Rules for Gardeners and Sorters

Destiny 2 Vex Portal Invasion

What Winnower found was the so-called Final Shape, the final title destiny 2 An extension about the saga that pleases the rules established in the game of flowers. This sustained shape was a natural outcome of the game, reinforced by the fact that this outcome was always inevitable. Gardeners, on the other hand, found this boring. He believed that life and existence should be filled with novel and complex patterns that create a harmonious togetherness.

To achieve this, gardeners destiny 2Lights became a new rule in the game to facilitate complexity. Winnower feared this action as he believed it would create a rogue pattern that could not be screened and corrupt the game. Winower, as Darkness, also became a rule that implemented simplicity to balance the field. New rules could call old rules.

Final version of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Savathûn Two Lies Two Truths Game Puzzle Riddle Eyewitness Traveler Light Darkness Lightning Final form

Now that both factions are in the game, Darkness only had one move to use to attack Light. The two fought, ransacked gardens, and shattered a simulated universe into reality through events equivalent to the Big Bang, symmetry, and the laws of physics. The final shape, created by the old rules and now hindered by the new rules, escaped to the boundaries of space and became what we know today. destiny 2Vex, a race that has a lot to do with the concept of time and its manipulation.

This creation myth is told from the perspective of Darkness, but many parallels detail the early universe and the governing laws that exist today. It seeks to restore, claiming that only the strongest and self-sustaining patterns can survive and rule. This ideology largely reflects Sword Logic, the Servant of Darkness. destiny 2hive, follow. Within the belief in the simplicity of Sword Logic and Darkness, the idea is stated that existence is a struggle, and that forms that dominate all others deserve to live, while others deserve to disappear.

Little information has been revealed about The Final Shape’s story expansion, leaving players to ponder this myth and its connections, as well as the consequences in the final struggle between light and dark. In the teaser trailer for his upcoming Lightfall expansion, Witness is a being who seems to want to fulfill Darkness’s original purpose, eliminating both life and death in order for its final form to emerge. I think. destiny 2guardian of

With that mindset and the title of the next story expansion being Lightfall, many players expect Light to suffer a major setback and suffer a major defeat at the hands of Darkness. second collapse. What the final shape will look like, whether Vex will play an integral role, and what exactly Witness’s endgame is are all open to theorizing and debate. All the similarities between the form and the wording of creation myths were presented long ago, but are now more relevant than ever.

destiny 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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