Did Bringing Back The Olive Garden’s Never-Ending Pasta Bowl Pay Off?

According to the Nation’s Restaurant News, the restaurant saw a 7.6% increase in traffic and same-store sales after Olive Garden’s Nov. 27 earnings report evaluation. Rick Cardenas, his CEO and president of Darden (Olive Garden’s parent company), outlined his three goals that the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl promotion needs to meet.

According to insiders, in contrast to the same conversation last year, Darden was hesitant to revive the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. and I wasn’t sure if Neverending Pasta would ever grace the menu again. However, the price cost adjustment from 2019, along with the benefit of serving in bulk during the food period of inflation (via the restaurant business), has forced Darden to sing another song. It’s over, but I’m excited about the unlimited breadsticks, salads, and soup options that are still on the menu (via Olive Garden).

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