Digging Deep with Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian

Published January 4, 2023
Digging Deeper With Goddess Gardener Cynthia Bryan
Vertical gardening with potato vines climbing a trellis.Photo Cynthia Bryan

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” ~ Audrey Hepburn

where did the year go It seems like just yesterday that he wrote his gardening goals for 2022, but he’s in 2023. It’s time to start fresh!

Happy new year!

Every year the Garden Media Group publishes the trends for the coming year. Her trend report for The Garden for 2023 is aptly named “I Believe in Me!” Personality and access to vital resources will be in vogue over the next 12 months. As an Empowerment Architect, I resonate with this trend she has outlined for 2023 and hope that personal expression and independence will become a style, not just a fad. Our choices and lifestyles should reflect who we are as individuals.

When it comes to interior and exterior design, to work well for a family, the space needs to be personalized, reflecting colors, shapes, objects, and souvenirs that are meaningful to the individuals living in the place. I have always believed. We need to feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and rejuvenated. Home is where our hearts belong. Unconventional installations may be magazine-worthy, but they don’t necessarily show the depth, passion and character of their residents.

As you start planning for 2023, learn about upcoming trends, but decide what resonates with you. Just because something is a currant doesn’t mean it empowers everyone. I chose

The report shares the wise advantages of the garden green industry, which has gone electric or battery-powered faster than any other industry, including electric vehicles. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and other electrical equipment accounted for his 17% of U.S. gardening sales in 2022. Smart His garden tools have become as important to gardening as shovels and picks, especially for those just starting out. arena. I haven’t tried it yet, but there is a new smart device on the market called a weeding robot. I live in a solar-powered garden and mow weeds. Weeding a landscape takes months of hard work, so this is an innovation I check out.

Another big trend is online shopping for garden supplies. Many companies provide identification and information for a wide variety of plants, not just plants for sale. It’s as easy as taking a picture of a flower, leaf, tree, or other specimen and clicking a button. The app will show you several matches, but it’s up to you to decide which one is correct. Other gardening apps offer tips on how to plant, when to plant, where to plant, and healthy recipes for harvesting your crops.

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) were popular last year and will continue to be in demand due to the housing crisis that has made buying a home out of reach for many people. Container gardening remains a major trend. Vertical gardening, trellises, fences and living green walls add privacy and are essential in sheltered areas for enjoying nature. It embraces vintage and mid-century patio furniture, including retro lawn chairs, pagoda umbrellas, and more.

The “Super Agers” section of the Garden Trends Report boldly states, “After 2023, the 100 is the new 50!” Whether or not this is a truism is uncertain, but it bodes well for gardeners looking to continue farming, reclaiming, and thrilling activities with nature into their golden years. Accessibility options such as raised beds, wide aisles for wheelchairs, and low-bending plant heights ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

When it comes to plants, tropical and exotic are popular with all ages. Orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums, birds of paradise, cordylines, figs, palms, philodendrons, and lilies of peace are just a few of the specimens that will appeal to Generations X, Y, Z and baby boomers. We speculate that water features will be a big focus this year, especially creative fountains based on individual themes. In addition to the negative ion health benefits that running water provides to humans, birds and wildlife rely on it for bathing and drinking in backyard gardens.

These are just a few of our predictions for outdoor fun in 2023. I will make further suggestions in the next column. Believe in tomorrow I am planning to plant a garden. live to 100? what’s on your list?

Safety tips:

Heavy rains are expected throughout the week, so it’s advisable to pack a few sandbags in case of flooding. The Moraga Olinda Fire District has made sand, bags and shovels available at the following locations:


Parking at Rancho Laguna Park (2101 Camino Pablo).


Fire Station 43 – 20 Via Las Cruces, Orinda

Fire Department 44 – 295 Orchard Road, Olinda

We ask citizens to bring only what they need in the event of actual or threatened flooding to ensure that adequate amounts of sand and bags are available. Sandbags are also available from your local hardware store for a nominal price.

A basket of succulents placed in a birdbath surrounded by ferns.Photo Cynthia Bryan
The trend for 2023 is living green walls.photo cynthia brian
White orchids live in angelic vessels.Photo Cynthia Bryan
The small space boasts an elaborate tropical garden.Photo Cynthia Bryan
Be prepared for floods and heavy rains by filling your sandbags.
Cynthia Bryan wishes you a healthy, happy, prosperous and golden New Year! Happy Gardening. Happy glowing. Happy 2023!

Raised in a Napa County vineyard, Cynthia Bryan is a New York Times bestselling author, actor, radio personality, speaker, media and writing coach, and founder and executive director of Be the Star You Are!r 501 c3. Watch her StarStyler Radio Broadcast of her Cynthia at www.StarStyleRadio.com. Her latest children’s picture books in the series, No Barnyard Bullies, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures, are available at www.cynthiabrian.com/online-store experience, buy StarStyler NFTs at https://StarStyleCommunity.com for her Hire Cynthia to write projects, consult gardens, and give inspirational lectures. Cynthia@GoddessGardener.com https://www.GoddessGardener.com

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