‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ Village Project: the Garden Stuck

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who have already invested Disney Dreamlights Valley Early Access allowed us to restore the valley, clear Nightthorn, and befriend a variety of Disney characters who have returned to their original homes.

The game isn’t set to release for free until later this year, so early access players have had to contend with various bugs and glitches while playing.

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One of the regular glitches players are finding has to do with WALL-E’s first Friendship Quest. Not long after he joins you in the Valley, he points out that he wants to turn an unused section near Merlin’s house into a garden. Of course, you have to provide it to him.

Village Project: Gardens at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Source: Gameloft

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Unfortunately, many players find that quests get stuck and cannot be completed after gathering the necessary materials. Here’s how to fix this glitch and continue your friendship with WALL-E am.

Village Project: How to complete the Garden Friendship quest.

Before rebuilding the garden, Wally asked for help with 5 wheat seeds, 5 sugar cane seeds, 1 trellis, and 3 burlap sacks. Last he needs to craft two items while you can buy the seeds needed for the quest.

To create a trellis, you need:

  • 15 conifers
  • three soils
  • Two white and pink falling penstemons

To craft all three burlap sacks, you’ll need to collect:

  • 30 Sat
  • 60 fibers (can be crafted from seaweed)

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Village Project: Gardens at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve crafted the items you need and purchased seeds, you should be able to bring them to Wally. He repairs the garden area, and if the game gets stuck, you’ll just get a prompt telling you that he’s gathering the items you need.

If this happens, thankfully there is a quick solution to fix the glitch.

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How to fix Wally’s first friendship quest glitch.

If you can’t bring the items you need to complete WALL-E’s first Friendship Quest, simply buy back the seeds you need for the quest. You can buy wheat seeds from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadows, and sugar cane seeds from the stalls on Dazzle Beach. In total, this only costs 35 coins.

If you don’t have enough coins, you can also sell the original seeds you bought to Goofy and use the money to buy new seeds.

Once this is done, a blue Dreamlight icon will appear above WALL-E’s head, indicating that the Friendship Quest can proceed.

If for some reason this doesn’t work, you may need to file a further bug. Dreamlight Valley Developer.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Available for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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