Easy Color for the Holidays

We had just had a wonderful drenching rain and decided to take a walk in the garden to see how pleased the plants were. I imagined they were enjoying every drop, just like I am.

Today is December 10th. While walking, I found a colorful cyclamen blooming just in time for the festival. I have it potted and placed on the sidewalk. I also noticed that the other cyclamen I planted in the ground hadn’t bloomed yet. interesting…

This is the time of year when family and friends gather, and I know they expect you to have the right holiday displays inside as well as outside. It’s easy, and it’s easy to throw in some evergreens, pine cones, and berries and dress it up for the occasion.

Back to the cyclamen story. They are easy-to-grow perennials and in our garden zone, 9 recurs at this time of year and continues until the weather warms up. , and even some grocery stores.

Cyclamen grows from round tubers. Their leaves first appear in round clumps. Flowers rise above it, and the Sunset Western Garden Book describes them as “shooting stars or butterflies.” It comes in different shades of red, white and pink. Many are bicolor.

The flowers are beautiful, but the variegated leaves such as gray and silver are even more enjoyable. Sometimes the undersides of these leaves are maroon, adding another dimension. The tips of the sprouted leaves curl upwards before opening and the tips of the flower stems curl downwards. I find this a fun fact as I watch them grow.

Cyclamen provide much-needed color and cheer during the gloomy winter months and are easy to come by. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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