Edmonds Parks Director Angie Feser to speak at Floretum Garden Club Jan. 23 meeting

Angie Feather

Angie Feather, director of the City of Edmonds’ Department of Parks, Recreation and Welfare, discusses “Edmonds’ Plan for Parks and Beautification Heritage” at the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club meeting on Monday, January 23. It’s a schedule.

We invite the general public to participate.

Feser shares plans and projects she’s been working on, along with information on two impressive foundations. Bowdoin Way land donation and her $2.8 million for the city’s beautification program. Feser also discusses the city’s ongoing Highway 99 gateway and revitalization projects.

Floretum’s meetings will be held in the Brackett Room, City Hall, 121 N. 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. Doors open at 10am for social time. The meeting will start around 11:00 am or when the speaker arrives from the busy morning of the meeting.

Find out more about the club at floratum.org, Facebook and Instagram.

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