Eight food scraps to use in the garden – can ‘deter’ pests and ‘stop’ weed growth

Reducing food waste is more important than ever and there are many different items you can use in your garden. According to experts, reusing food and leftovers isn’t just limited to composting. A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said:

“This is why I wanted to share some of my top hacks for using leftovers and leftovers from meals and snacks and using them to tend and assist in your garden.

“Some scraps help deter pests and insects, while others stop weed growth and promote lush foliage on plants.

“It’s as easy as conserving water in pasta to refresh your favorite plants, or crushing eggshells and scattering them in your flower beds.”

1. Egg shell

According to gardening experts, crushed eggshells act as a garden fertilizer thanks to the calcium they contain.

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3. Orange peel

Pro explains: These can be distributed throughout your garden as a natural pest deterrent, as their odor deters many insects.

“Spread the skin along the bottom of the plant to keep out pesky fleas, ants, mosquitoes and flies.”

4. pasta water

Many people throw leftover pasta water down the sink. However, it can be reused for different jobs in the garden.

Save the water you used for boiled pasta, rice, and eggs and let it cool before giving all your indoor and outdoor plants good water.

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According to the pros, starchy water will add nutrients to your plants while also facilitating their release from the soil.

5. Coffee grounds

The gardening expert continues:

“The ground contains beneficial nutrients, including nitrogen.

“Mix coffee grounds into your favorite flower bed or potting soil for an easy, eco-friendly fertilizer.”

6. Nut shells

Instead of disposing of the nut shells, crush them up and sprinkle a layer over the plant bed.

Mixing husks into the soil also helps aerate overly compact soils. That said, nut shells are great for a variety of tasks in the garden.

7. Banana peel

Experts say:

“Nutrients can help plants fight disease while producing more fruit and flowers. Place them directly in the soil and let them mulch.”

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