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It was a day of celebration at Vallejo’s Face Food Fridays. Dozens gathered on Thursday to watch the food pantry cut ribbons for Learning Her community garden.

A myriad of brightly colored plants in multiple different planters surrounded the backyard, providing an elaborate setting. Each planter box is painted in energetic, bright colors that affirm prosperity, growth, love, happiness and magic.

Mary Ann Buggs, managing director of Faith Food Fridays, emphasized that the event was an opportunity to thank all those who helped bring the garden to life. Heart, David Benjamin, Micah Sean Setnik, Jack Martin, Jesus Reyes, California State University Maritime Academy cadet, Vallejo’s Kelly Moore Paints, Vallejo’s Home Depot, and Vallejo Community and Volunteers Her coordinator is Shelee Loughmiller.

Baggs said the Learning Community Garden was provided by a Boston medical institution called Vital Village.

“One of the ideas we wanted was a community garden where parents and children could learn together how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables at home, so they could learn how to live healthier lives. You can,” says Buggs. “That’s how I was raised.”

Mika Setnik helps Frenchman Larsen unload the wheelbarrow at Face Food Friday’s new learning garden in Vallejo. (Chris Riley/Times Herald)

Originally from Oklahoma, Bugs is Native American. Bugs, who vividly remembers her grandmother’s garden, says her culture has the “wisdom” to grow persistent plants.

“The overall goal is for Vallejo to become a healthy community,” she said.

Sustainable Solano’s mission is to enable communities to grow their own food through community gardens and home gardens. Sustainable Solano member Lauren Gusik felt “inspired” and “motivated” by community participation on Thursday.

“I saw how deeply rooted they were in the community and felt that this was a place of healing and learning,” Gick said. “Projects always work better when they are led by community members. am.”

Mary Ann cites Roxanne “Roxy” Reyes as a key supporter of the Learning Community Garden. As production manager for Smart and Final, Reyes became involved with her FFF. Roxanne cleared out her FFF backyard, which was overgrown with blackberry bushes, and she started gardening.

Originally born on a Texas farm, Reyes was ready to organize and start a garden. She later moved to Texas, where she experienced hunger for the first time.

“I don’t want other children to be hungry or scared of running out of food like I am,” says Reyes. “I think learning to grow your own food is free. You don’t have to rely on anyone.”

Faith Food Fridays is open Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

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