Family affair for Vlogianitis cousins in Chaminade win over Garden City

Vlogianitis’ cousins ​​Leonidas and Antoni had met dozens of times by Saturday. They were highly competitive one-on-one games in Antoni’s backyard or Leo’s driveway.This was important when Leo and Garden City met Antoni and Chaminade.

“This was the first time in our life that we were on different sides, so it felt quite different,” said Antoni Vlogianitis. This was different because we were playing, we each wanted our team to win.”

Each cousin contributed to the outcome, but Chaminade won the 2022 Public Catholic Challenge at Elmont High School, 80-56. The Flyers (5-2) had a strong rebound as he ranked No. 2 on Newsday’s Island Top 10 rankings after losing to No. 1 Long Island Lutherans on Thursday.

Leos scored seven quick points to take the Trojans to an early 11-7 lead. Antoni made his play three-pointer and three-pointer in his 11-0 burst to put the Flyers up 17-11. But things really changed when Chaminade’s Brad Wyckoff charged Leo in the final minute, and a second foul put him on the bench for Garden City. He stayed there while Dave Debasscheer and Wyckoff each scored six points in the second quarter, as he took the lead and had complete control of the game.

“When he’s not on the court, we’re a different team,” Trojans coach Jim Hegman said. “But with Quinn Long and Ben Lau coming in and filling in some of the scoring, we got something to help us going forward.”

DeBuschere had 19 points, Wyckoff had 17 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists and Antoni Vlogianitis had 15 points for Chaminade. Long scored his 16th, Lau his 15th and Leovrozianis his 14th (3-2).

Antoni said, “We wanted to come out strong from losing. “And when[Leo]came out, it took something big out of them.”

“My teammate played really well,” Leo said. “Being on the bench is not where I wanted it to be.”

Leo and Antoni are the island’s next generation of Vlogianitis basketball players. Their father, twin brothers John and Jim, were each part of his NSCHSAA champions at Holy Trinity, and in 1994 he was a Division III All-American selection at SUNY-Brockport and played professionally for Greece. did.

Leo had a big run last season and became a go-to scorer as the Trojans reached the Nassau A championship game. Antoni has emerged this season as a key player in the highly talented Chaminade his ensemble.

“We’ve had mixed successes, but we’re happy with each other,” said Antoni. Leo added:

With the holidays just around the corner in a few days, the Vlogianitis cousins ​​are reunited to celebrate with their families. Any chance of Saturday’s match results?

“It’s 100%,” said Antoni. “We are going to discuss it.”

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