Family Garden Helps Support Bronson Cancer Center Patients in Battle Creek

Family Garden Helps Patients at Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek

The grieving Battle Creek family spent this summer immersing themselves in the loving work of tending the large garden their father started before he died. They then turned their harvest into donations to help those in the larger Battle Creek community.

For generations, Al Wright’s family has grown potatoes, tomatoes, corn and more, selling their produce from roadside stalls on the farm on Watkins Road. This year, Al planted it in the garden in the spring, but in June she died suddenly. His family and friends decided that Al’s garden could not be undermined and did what was necessary to ensure that it thrived. Groups of gardeners put in hours of hard work each week to keep their crops growing and producing. And just like Al, he sold his produce in front stalls on the family farm.

When the season ended, the Wright family decided to generously donate the proceeds to help patients undergoing cancer treatment at Battle Creek’s Bronson Cancer Center. Contributions to the Bronson Health Foundation’s Cancer Center Battle Creek Fund totaled $13,218, including matching gifts from sons and daughters-in-law Jason and Shawn Wright, and the Pfizer Foundation (Jason’s employer).

The Bronson Cancer Center is where Al was treated for lymphoma nearly 20 years ago. “We are so grateful for the wonderful care our father received, which has allowed him to enjoy many years on the farm and with our family,” says Jason. By making this gift, we want to ensure that other families receive the services and resources they need when their loved ones face a cancer diagnosis.”

The Bronson Health Foundation’s Cancer Center Battle Creek Fund supports patients by providing free nutritional supplements, transportation to and from appointments, assistance with medication costs, and more. “The Wright family’s care of this garden and donating the proceeds to Al’s memorial is a heartwarming and generous gift that we are honored to pass on to our patients,” said Bronson Health. Foundation executive director Liz Seman said.

“My father loved how his garden helped connect and nourish the members of our community. Proud that his last garden continues to do so.” We know what you’re thinking,” Jason said.

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