First 4 Figures Looking For Interest in Sonic the Hedgehog Chao Garden Statue Series

The first 4 figures announced an interest check to see if fans would buy a set of Chao Garden statues from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Toy and model company First 4 Figures posted an interest check for a series of statues focused on the cute and adorable Chao. Sonic the hedgehog franchise. Chao is still a prominent and popular part of the series, despite being downgraded to a cute mascot his character over the past decade. sonic adventure The game gave players the ability to raise and breed their own versions of tiny creatures.

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The same interest that First 4 Figures revealed on Twitter seems to be being tested, and they plan to create a set of Chao statues themed around the gardens where they usually live. To move forward, we asked fans to sign up for a potential pre-order email newsletter so we could see how many people would buy the statue if it were actually produced. F4F hasn’t said exactly what kind of results they’re looking for, but if they don’t see “significant interest” the statue won’t go into further development.

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Fortunately, Sonic the hedgehog Fans, First 4 Figures has at least started designing concepts for these statues to motivate people to show interest. sonic adventure 2 A Dark Garden statue that already looks incredibly adorable.

However, fans should note that the statue may change during development. Not only did F4F solicit fan feedback on his art for the above concept, but several die-hard fans said that the chao on the far right wasn’t game-accurate and instead was taken from a screenshot of his version modded. It was pointed out that it wasof SA2This chao may have other props that were actually used in the game, such as flutes and cymbals as a result.Still, there’s no final update for F4F yet, so it may be a while before fans see what happens from these Chao statues. sonicInterest check for Blaze the Cat statue.

At least as a Sonic fan, I’m looking forward to the future depending on how the interest check goes. If these statues are greenlit, chances are we’ll be able to see how many of them sell as a unique interest check towards how many fans Sega hopes to bring back for the next Chao Gardens. very few. Sonic the hedgehog A game that takes into account that realizing a statue requires a fair amount of support in and of itself.

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