Fleet Farming, Orlando’s #1 Edible Gardening Program, Created The New Audubon Park Community Garden

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A new community garden in partnership with the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and Audubon Park K-8 School and Audubon Park Garden District.

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fleet Farming is a bike-powered urban farming program that transforms lawns into productive micro farms. The nonprofit was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2014 at IDEAS For Us’ monthly design thinking workshops, known locally as “The Hive.” Here, members of the local community share the fleet farming business model and the many pipes they manage to help the community grow, including school gardens, community gardens, his weekly CSA baskets, farmers markets, food donation programs, and more. I started conceptualizing the line. Since then, fleet farming has had international press, including a National Geographic documentary focused on fleet farming as a solution to the local food crisis. Fleet Farming is now building more school gardens, specifically to encourage the movement of lawn-to-farm farming in Central Florida and ensure food is grown for all generations.

On December 10, 2022, Fleet Farming created and installed the new Audubon Park Community Garden through a partnership with Audubon Park K-8 School and Audubon Park Garden District, thanks to the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. The gardens include raised garden beds, community greenhouses, pollinator hotels, and fruit trees, all accessible to the Audubon Park community. Audubon Park residents grow food for their families and friends. This new community garden will host special “garden parties” and events that foster community connections.

Community gardens have many advantages. They improve air and soil quality, reduce the “food miles” required to transport food, reduce the amount of water normally used to maintain lawns, and reduce waste in neighborhoods through composting. and can have a positive impact on access to local food. safety.

The gardens are shared with residents of the Audubon Park community and students of Audubon Park K-8. The schoolyard functions as a ‘living classroom’ where students learn about the wonders of plants and the creatures large and small who call the garden home, engage their senses, practice environmental stewardship, heal nature and calm their minds. experience the power of And grow in every way!

In addition to the 14 lawns and farmlands within the Fleet Farming-operated Audubon Park community, this important community garden is the final piece supporting the local food system in this historic neighborhood.

See the impact fleet farming has had on Central Florida schools, completed projects, and success stories at https://fleetfarming.org/making-a-difference-in-central-florida/.

Fleet Farming is a program of IDEAS For Us, an international 501(c)3 environmental non-profit organization founded and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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