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  1. Spruce Tip IPA is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Upslope Brewing Company - Lee Hill in Boulder, CO. Score: 87 with 16 ratings and reviews. Last update: 07-20-2021
  2. Brewed with Spruce Tips harvested in Colorado and fresh Cascade hops from the West, this Lumberjack IPA gives us aromas and feels of the good ol' days - with the same fruity olfactory hues of the new school brews you're used to. We get notes of pine, citrus, and resin with a tropical nose
  3. Spruce Tip IPA Recipe The Yakima Valley is an incredible place to live with so many fun things to ferment and brew with. This recipe features fresh spruce tips (see note at the bottom of this post) that were harvest by hand just less than an hour from our offices. The Little Naches River valley is a great place to cam
  4. Spruce Tip IPA pours a light gold appearance and nearly bright with clarity. Steady streams of carbonation fuel a light and fluffy white cap. Heavy spruce tingles the nose with its floral bouquet and its sappy, woodsy cedar-like charm. Light maltiness of almond, granola and faint honey graze the tongue before the hops set in
  5. Spruce Tip IPA by Goodwood Brewing Co. was judged as a 30A, Spice/Herb/Vegetable beer with IPA as the base style. Off the aroma I get juicy hops, a lot of grapefruit and pine as I would expect in an American IPA. I get the spruce for sure and it's not overdone. The malt aroma is cracker-like and complements the hops nicely
  6. Sculpin - Spruce Tip is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company in San Diego, CA. Score: 89 with 130 ratings and reviews. Last update: 05-22-2021
  7. Flavor is hops of pine and hints of spruce. There is a caramel malt backbone that is not too sweet. Mouthfeel is light and carbonated. Overall this is a good IPA that has a decent amount of pine hop flavor. Apr 20, 2014. Spruce Tip IPA from Stevens Point Brewery. Beer rating: 84 out of 100 with 62 ratings

Piney. SPRUCE TIP IPA. 7.5% ABV | 55 IBU. This seasonal IPA is aromatic, earthy and bold. Amber-hued but bright with flavors of pine and citrus from MI Chinook, Perle, Pacific Northwest Centennial hops. The combination of hops and spruce tips give way to a harmonious resinous mash up. The mellow malt character and towering hop profile create an. Getting Started With Spruce Tips. If this is your first venture into brewing with spruce tips, keep in mind, just like with any other flavor, different people will like different amounts. A good place to start is a simple pale ale recipe with 2 to 4 ounces of spruce tips added between 15 minutes, and flame out Spruce IPA returns with fresh spruce tips and bold hop flavor . January 7, 2020 (JUNEAU, Alaska) - As a new decade dawns, Alaskan Brewing Co.'s distinctive award-winning Spruce IPA makes its return. Spruce IPA was first released as part of the brewery's rotating series in 2017 and has since gained international recognition with six medals to its name, taking gold at the World Beer Cup. IPA WITH SPRUCE TIPS & RASPBERRIES. 6.5%. Zero Gravity and Springdale away team assemble! Our mission took us high into Vermont forests in search of young spruce tips for our collaboration. We loaded this IPA with those handpicked spruce tips as well as raspberry puree, making this the only red shirt worth sacrificing today. Monkeyweed

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Colorado - American IPA - 7.5% ABV. Brewed with premium American malt, Cascade and Simcoe hops, and hand-picked Colorado spruce tips, our winter IPA is highlighted by notes of candied orange peel and fresh pine needles supported by a sturdy malt backbone Similar to Upslope Spruce Tip IPA, you can be pretty sure you're going to get your pine fix when you crack open a Sixpoint Resin IPA. This imperial IPA is loaded with Chinook, Centennial, and a.

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6.2% ABV, Now Is The Time is an IPA that's been dry-hopped with Simcoe, Chinook BBC and Citra BBC. We've also added spruce tips that we foraged locally. Wonderful balance of spruce aroma and our yeast profile on the nose.Flavors of the spruce come through as black currant and fresh cut evergreen. Hops bring a roundne IPA. We don't like to abuse the beer that built our brewery, so when we play with Substance, we do it right. This brand new number is no exception, using ridiculous amounts of foraged spruce tips in the hot and cold sides to thread in a restrained-but-unmistakable note of Mother Earth into our flagship IPA SPRUCE TIP ALE. Our signature ale, brewed with spruce tips is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. This local favorite incorporates hand picked Sitka Spruce tree tips that add a crisp kick to its creamy, slightly sticky body and floral zest to the fruit and spice flavor.. - Draft Magazine 50 Beers, 50 States July 2009 I made a spruce tip IPA, the flavor came through perfectly but if I'm honest it's kinda horrible... So this idea came out of a trip I took a year ago, I was hiking in the Catskills during spring and the smell of the new pine growth at the top of the mountain was fantastic Between The Trees Spruce Tip IPA Devil's Hop Yard IPA Dog Star Stout Thought Bridge Cranberry Berliner Weisse Bull Horse Black Dbl Black IPA Tumbledown Red. The Imp Imperial Red. Mas Amigos Mexican Style Lager. Clearwater Cream (1st Weekend of the month) Don't forget about our Growler Club. Get exclusive, members-only benefits and a free hat

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  1. Spruce tip salt or spruce tip sugar instructions: Combine equal parts spruce tips with either sugar or coarse sea salt and pulse in a food processor till chopped fine and uniform. Spread evenly on parchment paper and dehydrate at 140 degrees (or your lowest oven temperature) for a few hours until fully dry
  2. This spruce-tip infused IPA is packed with crisp hops and piney flavor throughout. The recipe includes one of the best base malts grown and malted in North America, Cargill's Special Pale. Then it's topped off with spruce tips from the Great Pacific Northwest, along with Zues, Centennial, El Dorado, Comet, and Simcoe hops
  3. Oct. 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM. DEXTER, Mich. - North Peak Brewing Company is excited to announce the launch of Piney, a Spruce Tip IPA. Piney is an aromatic, earthy, and bold Spruce Tip IPA. It is.
  4. Est OG: 1.086 (20.7° P) Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Light Body, No Mash Out Est FG: 1.013 SG (3.3° P) Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage ABV: 9.7% Taste Rating: 30.
  5. Spruce Tip IPA I was intrigued with what natural spruce would do to beer. I found out from the Rogue team that 150 pounds of spruce tips were sent from Alaska, freshly vacuum packed, to the brewery. (It wasn't the right season in Oregon for spruce tips.) Spruce beer goes back to the era of Ben Franklin, but, for many of us, it is a new idea

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Available on tap Available in cans. 5.5. ALC/VOL. 35. IBU. This New England Pale Ale with fresh spruce tips boasts citrus, pine, and woody notes layered with a bold hop aroma that makes for a unique bouquet complement with bright citrus and crisp malt flavors. Close product quick view × Spruce Tip IPA - This spruce-tip infused IPA is packed with crisp hops and piney flavor throughout. The recipe includes one of the best base malts grown and malted in North America, Cargill's Special Pale. Then it's topped off with spruce tips from the Great Pacific Northwest, along with Zeus, Centennial, El Dorado, Comet, and Simcoe hops

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216,575 Ratings. In 1997, North Peak Brewing Company opened in Traverse City, MI with the mission of brewing beer that captures the essence of Northern Michigan. In 2013, North Peak beer production moved from Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City MI, to a 70,000-square-foot production brewery in Dexter MI, where it would have the capacity to. Spruce Tip IPA ABV: 7.3 IBU: 67.0 Pricing Beer on Untappd Mule-Jito Specialty Ale with Ginger, Lime, Mint, & Lactose ABV: 5.2 IBU: 28.0 Pricing Beer on Untapp

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Ballast Point Sculpin Spruce Tip IPA For a San Diego operation, Ballast Point does a nice winter IPA. This one is made with Oregon spruce tips, giving the hop bill a sturdy, woodsy backbone IN COLLABORATION WITH ROGUE ALES & SPIRITS YARD HOUSE PRESENTS: ROGUE SPRUCE TIP IPATo mark our 19th Anniversary, we've collaborated with Oregon-based Rogue. Summer Spruce Tip IPA. A true snapshot of the season inspired by the tipping of local spruce trees. The new growth of the spruce trees contributes a distinctive coniferous character and loads of Vitamin C. Paired with Chinook hops this crisp IPA is brimming with a unique piney-citrusy personality. YouTube. Jackie O's Pub and Brewery

Alaskan's Spruce IPA uses Sitka spruce tips, an evergreen tree which Alaskan says define the rugged coastlines and untamed forests, that cover more than 56 million acres of land in the state. The spruce tips have strikingly similar flavoring characteristics to some of the traditional noble hops. The spruce tips contribute light and tart. Spruce tips add an immediately recognizable aroma and flavor to beer, yet some have a hard time accurately defining the specifics. When they are collected, handled, and brewed with properly, this historic ingredient will liven up just about any beer Use spruce tip syrup on pancakes, waffles, or French toast, to sweeten beverages, or to make ice cream. 2 cups sugar 2 cups water 2 cups roughly chopped spruce tips. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and slowly bring to a boil. Simmer for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the syrup cool completely

Harpoon 100 Barrel Series #39: Vermont Spruce Tip IPA · 7.0% ABV This hearty ale is a showcase for a traditional yet seldom used brewing ingredient: spruce tips.. Now Is The Time (Spruce Tip IPA) Regular price 55 DKK Show Me Colors (DIPA) Regular price 60 DKK Summer Lotus (Kettle Sour) Regular price 54 DKK The Storm Is Over (PA) Regular price 50 DKK Eversome (DDH IPA) Regular price 58 DKK San Francisco Skies (IPA). Alaskan Cran Spruce Ale. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer 6.8% ABV 15 IBU. Alaskan Brewing Company Juneau, AK. A local take on a tart or sour wheat ale, Alaskan Cran-Spruce uses acidulated malts and cranberries for the bracing tartness, added to the unexpected lemony sweetness of Sitka Spruce Tips for a refreshing taste combination Style: Spruce Tip IPA. Golden colour, with a white head and slight haze. The fresh Northern Spruce is dominant here, but consistent with the character of selected hops. The spruce adds a piney, resinous quality with some additional notes of citrus and eucalyptus. Crisp bitterness and clean, minty finish. Produce / Farmer(s): Spruce Tips

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  1. This double IPA is the bold, vibrant hop-bomb that West Coast IPA fans dream about. Take a sip and you'll find notes of ripe pineapple, lemon zest, grapefruit juice, spruce tips, and gentle.
  2. utes. I made this in the spring, bottled it a couple weeks ago. US05 mashed at 152F * 7lb pilsner * 1lb munich malt * 1lb rye malt * .5lb honey malt * .4lb acid malt * .25lb aromatic malt
  3. Goodwood Louisville Lager is the first and only beer brewed with 100% Kentucky-grown grains. And, in a tip of the cap to our Slugger-making neighbors downtown, white ash - common in baseball bats - is used to enhance brewing. This results in a light-bodied, perfectly balanced lager with a sweet finish delivered by those Kentucky grains. ABV.

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Spruce Sticker $ 3.00 $ 1.50; Tin Tacker Sign $ 20.00; Spruce Tip Blonde Tee $ 22.00 - $ 24.00; Sale! 64oz Copper growler $ 42.00 $ 32.00; Sale! Navy Mesh Trucker $ 15.00 $ 13.00; Spruce Tip Stainless Pint $ 10.00; Bottle Cap Opener $ 2.50; Retro Logo Sticker $ 3.00; Black Logo Tee $ 22.00; Stone Spruce Tip Coaster $ 5.00; Chilkoot Trail IPA. -West Coast IPA-Spruce Tip Pale Ale. Open noon til 6pm today and tomorrow! See More. LlamaNama Beer Labs is at LlamaNama Beer Labs. June 5 · Plymouth, MA · Our taproom is open from noon til 6pm on the weekends so come on by for some beers today! See All. Videos In early summer, the Blue and Norwegian spruce trees at our farm start to tip, a beautiful change that inspired this IPA. The brewery team blends these spruc.. Enter your email address to get periodic updates on our seasonal brews, upcoming events, special deals and more

Spruce | First Magnitude Brewing Company. Our 2020 holiday release Spruce is a perfect fall/winter brew. Bursting with lush, resiny, evergreen aromas from fresh spruce tips, this juicy IPA is balanced with a subtle sweetness. Candied orange flavor and a very smooth finish round off this new holiday classic Spruce Tip IPA. Hoppy Ale brewed with Amarillo, Cascade and Spruce Tips foraged from the mountains of Colorado. Enjoy. Style IPA. Flavor Profile Bitter / Hoppy. ABV 6.2%. Hops Amarillo / Cascade. Other Ingredients Spruce Tip. Order Beer Online Find Our Beer. Back to all beers

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Spruce Tip IPA In honor of the Fourth of July our Brewmasters have a new beer on tap! A tribute to colonial America, Spruce Tip IPA has been enjoyed by Americans for over 250 years Spruce Tip IPA Truth Juice Imperial IPA. Join the 2020-2021 Mug Club! Mug Club memberships sign-ups are NOW OPEN! Join today for daily, weekly and seasonal benefits at Newaygo Brewing! Our Membership year runs April 2019 - April 2020. Sign up before March 23 - $65/ y hair straight Back - Spruce tip pale ale . Pin it to win it! This Nordic spruce tip ale is brewed with fresh spruce tips that we hand harvest every spring. It's fresh, bright and clean. Catch us out in the bush every spring with buckets in hand. Two Seater speedboats, motorcycles, the smell of gasoline and couches on fire - Winfield White Pine IPA. 7.0% abv 65 ibu. Draft. The Dan. Munich Dunkel. 5.8% abv 24 ibu. Draft/Can. BUS EATER. 2X New England IPA Every Tuesday we're putting a beer through the Randall to make something extra special. Stone IPA w/ Spruce Tips & Lemon ABV: 6.8% Notes: The IPA that launched a generation of hop fanatics gets taken up a notch with the addition of spruce tips and lemon - adding an extra layer of delicious complexity to this beer

Brewed with premium American malt, Cascade and Simcoe hops, and hand-picked Colorado spruce tips, our winter IPA is highlighted by notes of candied orange peel and fresh pine needles supported by a sturdy malt backbone. When the air turns crisp and the snowflakes begin to fall, bust out the ski wax and crack open an Upslope Spruce Tip IPA. COLO The addition of spruce tips to the IPA gives a piney, almost citrusy flavor and aroma. Wednesday, Jul 28th - IPA w/ Mango & Rhubarb Friday, Jul 30th - IPA w/ Juniper & Lemon Wednesday, Aug 4th - IPA w/ Grapefruit Friday, Aug 6th - IPA w/ Chamomile & Grapefruit. Falconer's Flight [10.4%] - Boil 60 min. Hops. 4. 12.00 oz. Spruce Tips (Boil 10 min) Misc. 5. 4.00 oz. Falconer's Flight [10.4%] - Steep 10 min

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Get Ballast Point - Spruce Tip Sculpin IPA delivered near you in 30 minutes. Order now online or through the app and have beer, wine & liquor delivered A Spruce tip IPA made with Blue Spruce tips from the Pacific Northwest. Breathin' Hazy - New England IPA | 6.2% ABV | 68 IBU. This beer has a signature hazy appearance with a fruity aroma. The Citra hops add a citrus flavor along with a refined bitterness. Crisp, refreshing and juicya real citrus delight! Starry Night - Black IPA | 6.3% ABV. The Sitka spruce tips brewed into Spruce IPA are handpicked in the tiny town of Gustavus, Alaska, located approximately 50 miles from Juneau at the mouth of the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Ballast Point Spruce Tip Sculpin IPA · 7.25% ABV · ~220 calories Ballast Point Brewing Company (Constellation Brands) · San Diego, C

INDIA PALE ALE. ABV: 7 IBU: 75. In early summer, the Blue and Norwegian spruce trees at Jackie O's Farm start to tip, a beautiful change that inspired this summer IPA. Brewed with tips from the farm, Centennial and Chinook hops give the beer added pine character and also add light lemon notes. Bright, crisp and refreshing with tons of vitamin C Drake's Brewing Releases Tree Beer IPA. Drake's Brewing is excited to announce the return of their beloved seasonal sipper, Tree Beer IPA, made with spruce tips and juniper berries at 5.5% ABV. This limited release will be available on draft and in 4-packs of 16oz. cans, Wednesday, November 25, at Drake's Barrel House (San Leandro) and.

32oz Crowler. $16.00. 32oz Growler. $16.00. Expand Image. Sacsayhuaman. American Blonde Ale • 5.3%. Our flagship Blonde Ale Sexy Woman is a light, easy to drink ale with appeal to just about any lager drinker. Use this beer as a starting point if you are new to craft beer Brewed with premium American malt, Cascade and Simcoe hops, and hand-picked Colorado spruce tips, our winter IPA is highlighted by notes of candied orange peel and fresh pine needles supported by a sturdy malt backbone. When the air turns crisp and the snowflakes begin to fall, bust out the ski wax and crack open an Upslope Spruce Tip IPA All Grain American IPA homebrew recipe. This homebrew recipe uses the following ingredients: Pale Ale - DE, Munich - UK, Vienna - US, Caramel/Crystal 20 - US, Simcoe Hops, Citra Hops, Fresh Spruce Tips Hops, Fermentis Safale US-05 Homebrew Yeast The Sprut (6.2% abv, 25 IBU) is described as a deliciously light, crisp, and dry Brut IPA brewed with a healthy dose of Vancouver Island Spruce Tips resulting in a true West Coast spin on a new IPA style FV9 (3BBL) - Spruce Tip IPA. FV10 (60BBL) - Project 710. FV11 (60BBL) - Project 420. FV12 (7BBL) - New England IPA _____ What's Aging. Rum Barrel - Imperial Brown Ale w/ Rum Soaked Raisins & Cinnamon. Other Offerings. NITRO Cold Brew Coffee by Out & About Coffee. Assorted Hard Ciders. Bottled.

Needle Tip IPA - American This golden-colored IPA, brewed with over 20 pounds of freshly-harvested young spruce tips from the Colorado Rockies, delivers a light citrus and pin Harpoon 100 Barrel Series #39: Vermont Spruce Tip IPA · 7.0% ABV This hearty ale is a showcase for a traditional yet seldom used brewing ingredient: spruce tips.. Rogue Chehalem Spruce Tip IPA, the result of patience and dedication to the brewing process has been aged to perfection creating a one of a kind ale. It began when the Yard House beverage and culinary teams traveled to Newport, Oregon, to collaborate with Rogue Ales & Spirits' legendary Brewmaster John Maier and his team The IPA variety pack features four innovative, intriguing new IPAs only available in this 12-pack: Point Spruce Tip IPA, sweetened with Colorado blue spruce tips; Point Peach Mango IPA, lively and fruity; Point White IPA, a golden brew flavored with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops; and Point One Shot IPA, limited-edition brews featuring different hop varieties and malts in each batch Bissell Brothers was founded in 2013 with a mission to change people's perceptions of what beer and the beer experience can be, while always staying dedicated to our home state of Maine

Spruce IPA. I brewed a fairly conventional IPA (well, maybe closer to a double IPA) to satisfy my hop-head brother and sister-in-law, but couldn't resist dry-hopping with some Norway spruce tips from our aging plantation at the top of the watershed. Their fresh, pale twig-ends would quickly be encroaching onto the trail, so they needed. Dead Frog has been out picking spruce tips for their Tip Hop, A White IPA infused with fraser valley spruce tips. This beer is available in 650ml bottles and is a hazy, golden colour topped with a finger and a half of lacing head. The aroma is a combination of west coast hop character and a citrus-spruce note New England Style India Pale Ale. Spruce Tip Ale. Beer with Spruce Tips . Lonely Hops Club. Single Hop Red Rye IPA. Nana's Nightcap. Oatmeal Porter. Craic. Irish Red India Pale Ale. Jameson Irish Cream Stout. Stout Aged in Jameson Casks. Porter. Porter 8 Delicious Alaska Beers You Have to Try. August 29, 2016. From Spruce Tip Blonde Ale by Skagway Brewing Co. to Roughneck Stout by Kassik's Brewery, Alaska has a wealth of ale to offer. Whether you plan to tour many of Alaska's breweries or just kick back after your outdoor adventures, you have to check out these beers Point Spruce Tip IPA - Point Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins combines sweet blue spruce tips from Colorado with bold Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest to create this refreshingly unique IPA. We replace some of the hops we would normally use with blue spruce tips harvested when they are at their sweetest: young and tender, Hopkins explained

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Where the spruce complements and accentuates the malt profile in the winter beer, by design, the spruce tips used in the spruce IPA work with the Chinook, Citra and Sultana hops to bring out the best of both worlds. The cool thing is that this was inspired by research by our QA lab about the flavor components in the spruce tips. There are a. Spruce Tip IPA was a surprise: I wanted to dislike this beer before I even had a sip because I thought spruce tips was another gimmick ingredient that would not contribute in any way to the final product. I have had beers made with cacti and invasive vines and whatever you can scrounge from the forest. Rarely, if ever, is there a flavor note. A new variant of Ballast Point Brewing Co.'s popular Sculpin IPA will be released in October. Spruce Tip Sculpin IPA is a 7 percent Hazy IPA that is brewed with spruce tips and packaged in 12-ounce bottles. As the name implies, the new IPA will use the San Diego-based brewery's Sculpin IPA (7 percent ABV) that was first released in 2006 as its base

Spruce Tip Sculpin (seasonal) 120 150 Manta Ray 120 150 Victory at Sea (all variants) 730* 730* Fathom IPA 120 150 Bonito Blonde 150 180 Mango Even Keel 120 150 Longfin 150 180 California Kolsch (CA only) 150 180 Tart Peach Kolsch (seasonal) 150 180 Grunion (seasonal) 120 150 Mocha Marlin (seasonal) 365 365 Made in San Diego (seasonal) 150 18 Colorado spruce tips headline this new India pale ale. Brewed in support of the USS Colorado Commissioning Committee. The attack submarine spends months at a time under water, with a crew of 134 officers and crew. Pride runs deep is brewed in recognition of the men and women who proudly serve our country