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New paint can make a house look old. historically old. Now you can paint with the colors of the French Quarter.

The Vieux Carré Commission Foundation has partnered with Benjamin Moore and Helm Paint & Decoration to create a limited edition collection of over 75 French Quarter colors.

“This collection is for both French Quarter fans and Vieux Carré managers. This collection isn’t comprehensive or pre-approved in any historic district, but it’s a fun and accessible way to approach the colors of the French Quarter.” said Brook Tesler, executive director of the VCC Foundation.

Residents of the historic center of the Vieux Carré must obtain a painting permit.

At a recent VCCF workshop, Michael Shoriak, co-founder of Cypress Building Conservation and adjunct professor at Tulane University, said:

In the 1700s, French Quarter palettes were a matter of availability and price. Considered the signature color of Creole cottage doors and shutters, traditional Parisian green was made with toxic arsenic in the form of copper arsenate.

“Painting techniques were pretty much the same until the 1900s,” says Shoriak. Then the industrial revolution created explosive possibilities. Colors are now much more saturated.

Today, making old things new again is a matter of preservation meeting high-tech chemistry. Centuries of accumulated layers of paint are incorporated into new tins of paint, even after prolonged exposure to elements such as moisture, glaring sun, and hurricane force.

However, Benjamin Moore Vieux Carré’s colors are considered “representatives” of the original colors rather than exact reproductions.

“We would like to reiterate to those living in the French Quarter and other historic areas that this collection is not pre-approved and that a painting permit must be applied for before the project can begin. paintings in is overwhelming and people often don’t know where to start when choosing colors.This collection gives them a place to start their search and it makes them enjoy searching. I hope it helps,” said Tesler.

The Quarter’s reputation for unique combinations and play of colors is part of the appeal of these pigments of the past.

“Everyone wants New Orleans. And everyone loves a piece of history. Walking through the Quarter and seeing colors that aren’t usually put together is phenomenal.” , says Joe Helm, president of Helm Paint & Decorating, which partnered with Tesla and VCCF to develop the French Quarter palette for Benjamin Moore.

Helm, whose father started the paint and decorating business in 1970, went viral when he brainstormed names for colors in the New Orleans palette. It’s Gris Gris Gray. Mississippi fog. trumpet blues. snowball white.

However, the power of Benjamin Moore favors a more universal name, as the paint chart becomes part of Benjamin Moore’s larger collection of over 3,500 colors. Color names such as Chantilly lace and slate blue are listed.

“The ochres and purples, the deep blues and deep greens you see when you walk through the Quarter, you don’t usually see them in the suburbs,” Helm said. “Adding the historical significance, visitors often want to see something different and take some of it home with them.”

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