Fresh Start garden goes solar thanks to the power of Council’s community benefits scheme – The City of Edinburgh Council

A community growth hub that helps homeless people has become the latest local project to benefit from the council’s community benefit scheme.

With tremendous community-based support from John G Mackintosh (JGM) of Building Solutions Services, the Piltun-based charity is now benefiting from the new Solar Power Pack. A tea break while garden tools are charged.

Providing shelter from the elements for all involved in the Ferry Road Drive Fresh Start Community Garden, JGM’s community benefits also include new leisure units, new tables and a growing tub worth £12,000.

Fresh Start is an Edinburgh-based charity that helps homeless people adjust to new homes. We work with volunteers and community organizations to provide a range of services that provide practical and social support for people to successfully resettle.

Jane Marger, MP for Edinburgh Housing, Homeless and Fair Work, said:

For someone experiencing homelessness, transitioning to a new home, new community, and new lifestyle can be difficult and challenging. Edinburgh has a great tertiary sector and charities like Fresh Start help people settle. Gardening is a great way to connect with other people and the nature of your area. It’s also been an opportunity to learn new skills and I’m really happy to support this community growth initiative. Donations and time obviously mean a lot and will make a big difference.

As the largest social landlord in the city, the council is constantly working on numerous projects to improve or build new homes. Our community benefits program is how the contractors we employ in our homes give back and we were impressed with the response of John G. McIntosh. Following a £3.5m deal to upgrade the ventilation holes in the Council Block of the House, this investment in providing a safe and warm home is fully cyclical.

Adrienne Mee, Fresh Start’s Community Growing Manager, Said:

The support we received for this project exceeded our expectations. The container installation is perfect for our planned tool lending library or shelter from inclement weather during gardening sessions. In the spring we will be able to offer garden workshops and tools to the local community.

I hope this is a great resource and helps people to try their hand at gardening and grow greenery in their backyards or grow fruits and vegetables on their balconies. It helps make it a really great area for people to relax and enjoy being outside when the weather warms up.

John Gerretery, Director, John G. Mackintosh (JGM), said:

When JGM first recognized the exciting opportunity to give something tangible back to the community as part of its community outreach program, it was thrilled with the potential. After initial discussion and consultation, we were informed of the West Pilton Community Garden Project, where JGM met with the Council and Fresh Start to further discuss the project. We established the optimal location for the lockable 20-foot container and agreed on the pavement design and layout to interface with the existing garden area and the new storage container.

Using JGM’s experience in this field, when it comes to providing solar panel solutions for containers, this attribute greatly increases the benefits and flexibility of using containers to suit the user’s desired requirements. became clear. During his two visits, JGM first did all the foundation work and placed the containers in the selected positions. A second visit added solar panels and internal electrical installations. Some additional work was done to install shelving and line the walls within the container. Additionally, several planters and picnic bench seating were provided to enhance the end-user experience.

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