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The Fridays in the Garden educational series, sponsored by Parkersburg-Wood County Master Gardeners, begins on Friday.

A program of West Virginia University Extension Services, this horticultural education series will be held at noon on Fridays in February and the first week of March at South Parkersburg Baptist Church at 1655 Blizzard Drive.

The series is now in its ninth year and is free to the public. All gardening enthusiasts, professionals and novices are welcome and have prizes such as his packets of seeds and herbs.

“I’m excited about the Friday in the Garden workshop.” JJ Barrett, Agriculture Agent for WVU Extension Services, said: “Many people can experience improved mental health through gardening.”

Digging, planting and harvesting in the garden is good exercise, and research shows that gardening reduces stress levels and anxiety.

“On top of that, it’s very happy and healthy to eat food that you grow yourself.” He said.

Along with Barrett, other WVU Extension Master Gardeners attend each session to answer gardening questions.

“Fridays in the Garden provides a great opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to not only share knowledge, but also learn and adopt new skills. It’s always fun to do.” Joyce McDougle, President of Wood County Master Gardeners, said:

“The Fridays in the Garden provides a platform to connect with people with common interests and have knowledgeable experts answer their questions.” McDuggle said.

Among the topics for the 2023 Friday in the Garden series are spotted lantern flies and other exotic species, which Master Gardener Lynn Greenlee will be showcasing this Friday.

Also on Friday, Barrett introduces asparagus for the home garden. This is a great perennial vegetable option for backyard vegetable growers.

Fresh strawberries hit the table on February 11th. Barrett gives a presentation about growing strawberries.

Bees pollinate $15 billion worth of crops in the United States each year, including more than 130 varieties of fruits, nuts and vegetables. On February 11th, Kenny Bach of Mid-Ohio Valley Beekeepers will introduce you to the importance of bees.

The workshop on February 17th was about milkweed, which is essential for the survival of monarch butterflies. Monarch butterfly larvae only feed on the leaves of milkweed, the only host plant for this beautiful butterfly. Master Gardener Tony Pretis introduces all things milkweed.

Barrett talks about raised bed gardening for those looking to improve soil drainage, facilitate access, reduce soil compaction, lengthen the growing season, and increase yields in limited spaces. I will explain.

The last workshop is March 3rd. Her Lyndsay Biehl of Wildroot Flower Co. tells all about her farm in her presentation Wild by Nature, Local Roots.

Black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, ticks, and bee balm are some of the plants Barrett discusses at West Virginia Wildflowers.

For more information, please contact Barrett at (304)-424-1960 or

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