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Garden City — The Garden City Town Council will launch several new projects in the coming months.

The City Council has placed a $262,000 bid for Lone Star Steel and Fabrication to build a new fire station for the town’s volunteer fire department. Mayor Tim Eskew said the town had “overgrown” his current dilapidated facility built in the 1970s.

The bid was nearly $22,000 more than the project’s projected budget, not including finishes such as walls, plumbing, and electrical within the building. The approved costs cover the preparatory work that needs to be performed, the installation of the concrete slabs and the “blacked-in” building (outer walls, doors, windows, insulation).

Lone Star Steel was awarded $134,000 to provide the same service to the River Park bathroom facility. This will serve as the first phase of a park renovation that will bring new kayak launches and boardwalks to the area. The bid also exceeded the project’s original cost estimate.

Despite higher-than-expected bids, Congress felt it needed to move forward after receiving information that concrete prices were expected to rise by $25 per square foot on January 1. I was. For fire department projects only.

The original budget amount will be reimbursed to the town from the Tyson Return Settlement Fund announced earlier this year. Alderman Butch Bradford has raised concerns with the council that it has not received an accurate estimate of the completed cost of the project, and in the past the council has operated on a “ready, shoot, aim” mentality. and said he didn’t want to complete just part of the renovation project, just to receive word that the settlement funds had dried up.

The council expects construction of the new fire station to begin in mid-January.

The council also authorized the use of $36,000 to purchase a new compressor filling station for the department that will be used to replenish oxygen supplies to volunteer air tanks.

In other business, the council will:

  • A discussion was held regarding the plans for the Garden City School property.
  • Renewal of PALS corporate membership has been approved.

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