Garden City’s Stevie Finnell wins Thorp Award

There’s a lot to be gained from wearing the Garden City football jersey this season. As always, the player became part of a rich and illustrious tradition and, as always, he carried the responsibility and expectation of competing and winning. There were also whispers that the Trojan finally became vulnerable after many top players graduated from.

Stevie Finnell heard the whisper.

The 6-2, 195-pound senior running back played an exceptional season as he and his Garden City teammates swept away the naysayers and had a perfect season. The Trojans, whose Finnell is the team’s heavyweight maker, extended the program’s winning streak to his 30th game with a 12-0 record, achieving his seventh consecutive title at Nassau II and repeating as Long Island’s Class II champions. I was.

“Hearing these things motivates me,” says Finnell. “I don’t want to be in a class that puts people down… For us, it was the only goal for him anymore to win one of his championships on Long Island.”

Finnell had the best result in the biggest game of the season. He tallied his 122 yards and his two touchdowns and returned a 21-yard interception to score another in Garden City’s 38–7 victory over Mepham to clinch the county title. won. The Trojans won his 28–0 win over Bellport and overcame four fumbles to Island in his championship, where he scored his 346 yards and his scored all four touchdowns in rushing.

Garden City manager Dave Ettinger said, “As we got closer to the award, the enthusiasm from all the players increased, and as the game got bigger, so did Stevie’s level of play.” was struggling [by] He turned the ball over and took over the game.”

On Tuesday night, Finnell capped off a sensational senior season by being named the 81st recipient of the prestigious Thorpe Award at the Nassau County High School Football Coaches Association’s banquet at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury. rice field. Every year, Newsday gives soap to Nassau’s best players.

He was named ahead of two other finalists: Farmingdale Senior Running Back Tommaso Ramos, who led the Dahls to the Nassau and Long Island Class I Championships, and the Red Devils to the Nassau III title.

Finnell is the third Garden City player to win a Thorp Award. Terrence Hartigan won in 2004 and Jack Cascaden won last season.

Finnell stood out as a top performer on both offense and defense. He rushed for 1,520 yards and 21 touchdowns on 141 carries and caught 12 passes for 220 yards and four more to score. He also created big plays when lined up as a linebacker or defensive end, recording the loss with six sacks and five tackles, forcing two fumbles and being returned for a touchdown. made his two interceptions.

“All I knew was that I was going to play [running back]but I don’t know if I envisioned myself having this good season,” Finnell said. We had a great offensive line.”

“We wouldn’t have won this year without Stevie,” Ettinger said. “We graduated all influential players [2021]He kept us afloat under all the pressures of the world to succeed. ”

Finnell was also a key player in Garden City’s state class B men’s lacrosse champion and accepted a scholarship offer to play lacrosse at Duke University.

It’s not just soccer and lacrosse fields where Finnell stands out. He is a strong classroom performer with his 91.4 weighted GPA. Ettinger praised Garden City Youth for volunteering to help young people in his football and lacrosse programs.

Finnell’s father, Steve, is also an accomplished athlete for Garden City and Duke and has been an assistant football coach for many years.

Ettinger said of Stevie Finnell, “He’s been at every Garden City football game for as long as he can remember.” to get and then do it at the level he did?

NEWSDAY Soap Award Winners

2022 — Stevie Finnell, Garden City

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2007 — Alex Rivas, East Meadow

2006 — Chris Edmund, Freeport

2005 — Ricky Manigat, Baldwin

2004 — Terrence Hartigan, Garden City

2003 — Rich Aumberger, East Meadow

2002 — Jean Vilante, MacArthur

2001 — D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Freeport

2000 — Chris Richez, Freeport

1999 — Jason Hamm of Port Washington and Jerone Pettus of Roosevelt

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1993 — Amos Zelehue, Mepham

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1991 — Eugene Calbreth, Baldwin

1990 — Louis D’Agostino, Lawrence

1989 — Stephen Boyd, VS Central

1988 — Lamont Huff, Hempstead

1987 — Erwin Brown, Sewanhaka

1986 — Dennis Goodwin, Lynnbrook

1985 — Robert Lee, Roosevelt

1984 — Ken Randolph, Sewanhaka

1983 — Anthony Cappellino, New Hyde Park

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1981 — Larry Galizia, Limbrook

1980 — John Rodney, Hicksville

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1969 — Phil LaPorta, VS Central

1968 — Dennis McColtz, Bethpage

1967 — Phil Barbascia, East Meadow

1966 — Warren Kogel, Seaford

1965 — Charles Drimal, VS South

1964 — Ed Kane, Levittown

1963 — Guy Riccardi, Freeport

1962 — Jim Littrell, Minneola

1961 — Salt Champi, Lawrence

1960 — Laurie Stitchway, Minneola

1959 — Matt Snell, Carl Place

1958 — John Mackie, Hempstead

1957 — Dave Hayes, Mepham

1956 — Don Cornlamp, Hempstead

1955 — Paul Rochester, Sewanhaka

1954 — Bob Rifesnyder, Baldwin

1953 — Bill Sandy, Mepham

1952 — Jim Brown, Manhassett

1951 — Dick Martin, Hempstead

1950 — Ed Nicula, Mepham

1949 — Lou Britt, Glenn Cove

1948 — Al Kohanowicz, Hempstead

1947 — Mike Kinney, VS Central

1946 — John Fasano, Port Washington


1944 — Bob Casey, Baldwin

1943 — Billy Wilson, Lawrence

1942 —- Fred Miller, Chaminade

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