Garden Club’s ‘Books in Bloom’ event puts novel ideas on display at the library — The Hull Times

This week, book lovers and green thumbs teamed up to create a floral display for Hull Garden Club members and others to showcase their favorite books at the Hull Public Library, “Books in Bloom.” At the celebration, they showcased their talents. Attendees included Betsy Russo, Ann Selig, daughter Kim Cerny, and 6-year-old granddaughter Emma, ​​with illustrations of mittens by Jan Brett, authored by Kim and Emma’s favorite book We used an arrangement inspired by Clarisse, the chicest mouse. Megan Hess’ “Paris,” Gail Franzen in Mark Sullivan’s “Beneath the Scarlet Sky,” and Gen Surtel in Anita Shrieve’s “The Pilot’s Wife.” [Skip Tull photos]

Visitors to the library also enjoyed a performance by the trio of Ned Morse, Anne Walsh and Skip Tull as “Sonic Bloom”. Anne is also the creator of the photo flower arrangement, which is representative of Delia Owens’s Crowdad Singing Place. [Photo by Jeanmarie Ambrose]

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