Garden Designer Explains Why You Should Not Have Gravel Pathways In Your Garden

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If you have a home garden, especially one on stilts, you may have paths running all over your yard. Many gardeners choose to build paths with bark mulch, straw, or gravel.

Gravel is definitely a cheaper option, and once laid and compacted, it usually doesn’t need to be replaced when the bark or straw decomposes into the ground.

Gravel is an inexpensive option, but it’s not the best material for making paths in your garden. Professional sustainable landscaping designers explain why and offer better solutions so you can have a happy, prosperous home. park!

A professional landscape designer launches a video explaining how a gravel path started in her personal garden. A bed near the garden path.

She says the best option for garden paths is to use live mulch, such as clover, and stepping stones within the paths. They say it’s a great option because it fixes nitrogen and balances the nitrogen in the soil to keep the ground happy and nutritious. is maintained and stressors such as soil compaction and degradation are reduced.

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