Garden feeling a bit too moody? These plants can give it a golden glow

Seattle — Nothing enlivens the winter garden like evergreens with golden foliage. Plants with golden-yellow leaves fill the space with vivid brightness and an instant splash of color, brightening up the landscape. The golden foliage adds depth and contrast and blends well with other colors. Soothe the winter blues by adding a golden touch of sunshine with plants that add a golden glow.

Some of my favorite plants guaranteed to add a golden glow to your winter garden:

Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Wilma Goldcrest’: My favorite centerpiece for winter pots has golden foliage because it really stands out in the winter garden. My television partner Meeghan Black’s longtime favorite is the Goldcrest Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa’). Wilma Goldcrest’). You might think she likes it for its nice cone shape and cheerful bright green-yellow leaves, but the real reason is that she loves the lemon pledge scent and the lemon scent of the leaves smells exactly the same. The nursery stocks this dwarf tree in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find a tree that’s perfectly proportionate to your pot size.

Choisya x dewitteana goldfingers
: Glowing evergreen shrub with bright golden, fine-grained leaves… 3-4 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide, compact habit. It produces fragrant white flowers in spring and blooms repeatedly in autumn. The leaves have a pleasant peppery scent that deer dislike. Provides protection from the hottest sun in warmer climates and full sun elsewhere. Average decent soil, moderate moisture. Especially nice under the gray sky!

Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’: Golden Leaf Mexican Orange is a hardy, fine-grained evergreen shrub that really brightens up winter landscapes. The bright foliage is stunning year-round, and the clusters of white, fragrant spring and fall flowers are a delight. Color best in full sun, but avoid reflected heat in full sun. Fertile, well-drained soil and light water in summer. In 5 years it will be 6 feet by 6 feet.

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Kamaeni hiba’ (Golden Cypress):
“Kamaeni Hiba” is a rare dwarf cypress. “Kamae ni Hiba” is made from twisted golden sprouts and has a soft texture like a stuffed animal. The overall shape is pyramidal with irregular, softly rounded mounds. The inner growth may be chartreuse, but the overall color is bright lemon yellow. ‘Kamaeni Hiba’ is a slow-growing conifer that reaches 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide in 10 years.

Taxus cuspidata ‘Dwarf Bright Gold’:
This yew shrub has a spreading habit and eventually matures into a natural shrub that is 4 to 6 feet tall and 5 to 7 feet wide. In the spring, the shoots are a bright golden color, and by the end of the summer they are golden. The leaves often turn an attractive shade of reddish-yellow in winter.

Carex Everillo (Evergreen Golden Sedge): Cheerful, bright, leafy lime green grass turns bright golden. The morning sun intensifies the breathtaking golden yellow ribbons. Brighten up shady paths with these attractive light lanterns.

A big highlight of the container design is . T. baccata ‘Standishii’: This slow-growing narrow upright yew loves the sun. It can eventually reach 8 and 3 feet tall but can be easily pruned to keep it proportional to the size of the pot or small garden space. , which creates a striking contrast against the bright golden yellow background of new growth with rich forest green needles inside. The color remains stable year-round as long as it receives enough sunlight, making it especially suitable for winter pots where a golden glow is guaranteed even on the darkest winter days.

Aucuba japonica ‘Pictureta’: A slow-growing shrub that boasts bright glossy dark green foliage with a yellow-gold center. This shrub thrives in partial to full shade. ‘Picculata’ may bear red berries if pollinator males are nearby! The glossy evergreen foliage of this oakba brings beauty to the backdrop of a forest garden or large border. A sturdy option for use as a screen, or makes an eye-catching centerpiece in a shaded container.

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