Garden Guy column: Planning and reality

“I am still devoted to the garden. But though I am old, I am a young gardener.” – Thomas Jefferson

This time of year, my back and knees hurt when I don’t garden for days. Little do they know that my “garden-dedicated” brain is busy planning changes and planning a more perfect garden, just because I’m a young gardener too.

Most of my ideas and plans are already in my head and written on a list. But while ideas are easy to come up with, they’re hard to implement, so it’s inevitable that you’ll add more things to the list than you remove.

A list with many random thoughts and notes about which plants to check out is a big part of my yearly planning process. If you spend years thinking about things on your list, you’ll find that you generally fail less and get better results. I will give it to you. The changes I make from this process usually remove or harden items all together.

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