Garden Guy column: Winter watering

It snowed last Tuesday. As is often the case, the amounts received in the panhandle varied widely. In my house it was winter and there was enough to cover the short cut grass. Parts of my sidewalk and driveway were never covered in snow. After the storm passed and the skies cleared, he had 0.23 inches of water on the rain gauge. It’s nice, but has little impact on your needs.

As most of you know, we haven’t had a fair amount of humidity in a few months. The extreme cold just before Christmas can easily damage or kill plants that are not well hydrated.

The shallower the roots of the plant, the more susceptible it is to the cold. Therefore, deep roots require proper watering. In general, perennials have the shallowest roots, while shrubs have somewhat deeper roots. Trees generally have the deepest roots. But not all plants are the same and many have unique needs.

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