‘Garden of mercy’ hosts disabled, attacked animals


Two women established a farm called Garden of Mercy in the Aegean province of Izmir, which has provided shelter to more than 150 crippled and sexually abused animals.

Yeliz Tın and Ahu Sungur launched a project to set up a farm to give stray and abandoned animals a better life.

They set up a farm for stray animals in the 17 Decale district of the Menderes district.

Known as the Garden of Mercy, the farm has 150 dogs, 5 cats and 1 donkey, including disabled and sexually abused people.

“Ahu and I agreed to create a shelter in a safe place for living creatures, especially those who are sick or tortured, so we rented this land in March 2020,” said Tın. said while explaining the story of “Garden of Mercy”.

“We have 150 dogs, 5 cats and 1 donkey here. Told.

Noting that volunteers are also supporting them, Tın emphasized that they aim to live a safe life because they believe that all living things have the right to live.

“Stray animals in particular are subjected to a lot of torture and neglect. We value every living thing that breathes. I hope you will,” Tın said.

“Our animals need love and attention. On the weekends, families can spend time with them with their children. Spend at least the weekends with them and show them some love.” ”

Sungur also said they are very happy to have provided a safe and healthy place for animals who have been victims of violence and sexual abuse.

“Attacked animals learn to love and share here. Animals that have been victims of sexual assault are also being rehabilitated,” she added.

Recalling that farms also provide homes for animals with disabilities, Sungur emphasized that it is very difficult for animals with disabilities to survive on the streets.

“We have a difficult but fun job. We started with 60 animals. Today we have reached 150 dogs,” she explained.

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