Garden plants to ‘always’ prune in winter to ‘boost health and encourage larger flowers’

It’s a low-maintenance shrub like 9bark, but gardeners recommend pruning one-third of the old stems to the ground to “encourage new growth, prevent leg length, and control size.” increase.

The expert instructed: If you’re not sure if the branch is alive or dead, cut off the top. If it’s white, it’s alive. ”

5. crape myrtle

Boasting deep emerald foliage and paper-pale pink, white, or lavender blooms, crape myrtle is accustomed to high altitudes. If the gardener doesn’t prune them, you shouldn’t be surprised to see them cross over 20 feet tall at maturity.

This plant, which has almost no leaves in winter, is “easy to prune,” according to the pros. Pruning them makes room for new growth.

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