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Birds like a lot of the same food that we grow for themselves, but they don’t have the manners of leaving some for others. You can stop raiders. You can also plant some taste treats and wean them away from the crops you want to keep for yourself.

Cover the berry bushes with 3/4 inch to prevent birds from pecking at the berries. Build a framework to hold the net a foot from the tip of the branch to keep birds out, and clip the net to the top and sides. Use nets to keep birds from catching ripe cherries. Dwarf trees are difficult to cover.

3/4 inch mesh attached to the hoop to protect row crops such as strawberries from birds. Tie the ends of the mesh around stakes and secure the sides with bricks or stones. You can also use hoops to support sheer cloth, or floating row covers to protect your crops from insects. Fill in the edges or give them a solid weight.

Keep birds away from fruit trees. Nothing scares away a pesky intruder like a hanging aluminum pie pan. String them together in pairs to make noise, and you won’t have to worry about picking up a nibbled apple or peach.

Make an old-fashioned scarecrow stuffed with straw with the help of children. It is more effective if you hang streamers of shiny or reflective material on your arm. Change your scarecrow’s position, pose, and clothing often to be on the lookout for birds.

Do not wait until the crops are ripe before placing the scarecrow. If you do, the birds will already be accustomed to the crop and will be more difficult to deter.

Rubber snakes and lizards are tied between the branches of the fruit trees to keep birds out and move them to the vegetable garden once the fruit is harvested.

Cut a length of hose to make a snake and place it like a grass snake. Avoid birds. Stuffed animals that you can buy as pocket money at garage sales are bird-proof and look cute in your garden. Move them from time to time so that the birds do not immediately understand the game.

A plastic or inflatable owl or peregrine falcon perched on a roof or fence can deter many destructive birds, mistaking it for a true predator. It is sold in

Dozens of walnut shells are painted bright red and scattered over strawberry patches before the berries ripen. Learn.

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