Gardening: Using winter to plan out new raised beds, weed control

Winter is a garden plan. The seed catalog is brimming with fascinating opportunities for experimentation, and now that I am semi-retired, I have time for a garden building project that has been called upon to me. This is the first shot of

In the garden, plant early and often so that you can eat seasonally throughout the summer. yielded a good harvest. It was fun and I would love to do it again.

Achieving this means having a seed plan so that my vision of the garden is not shattered by the lack of space available to grow the seedlings. It is an ongoing issue for many of What is another variety of tomato or pumpkin?

However, there are some things that get in the way of your seasonal meal plan. First, the raised floor falls apart and needs to be rebuilt. It was originally built from scrap wood 12 years ago. We were waiting for lumber prices to drop, but now they have, so when the ground melts, construction will begin.

Secondly, I have a large basement bed in my community garden where I grow crops that require a lot of space such as corn, squash, melons and potatoes. is hard. I’m the laughing stock of gardeners out there because my bed is a mess. This year, as soon as I finish plowing, I spread a porous anti-weed cloth on the planting rows and mulch the other vacant lots.

We need to seriously assess how our landscapes are watered. We installed sprinkler systems decades ago, long before the need for efficiency became noticeable. A few years ago I installed a new timer on my phone that easily adjusted the watering cycle. Now you need to know where you can shorten the timing and where you can’t. This means moving some plants, moving sprinkler heads, etc. Of course, it’s all done with little to no budget. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, look for ways to reduce the workload in your garden. We have some rickety-looking grass around our house that is difficult to mow and would be better planted in a slightly more water-saving location. One area is perfect for a meadow garden that frames the field below the house.

And as always, I’ll be taking you on these adventures, so stay tuned.

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