Gardner Claims Doing European “Hugelkultur” Method Transformed Her Garden

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There are many methods of home gardening. Some gardeners practice traditional methods of using tillers, machinery, pest control agents, pesticides, and crop enhancers such as nutritional additives and fertilizers. We practice horticultural methods by creating systems that work symbiotically with many of our perennial crops. Other gardeners enjoy simple methods such as creating simple raised beds, filling them with soil, and planting fruits and vegetables for quicker harvests!

An oft-talked-about method, and perhaps the golden secret, is fuugical culture, a European method of gardening that translates to “the way to richer soil.” TikToker and home garden guru @craftinalltrades posted a video on his TikTok analyzing how it works and its benefits to help transform your pathway garden!

Women first describe the methods of megaculture. It is a method of permaculture used primarily in Europe and Germany and involves the natural decomposition process of plant and wood debris.

Collect large tree branches to achieve the Hugelkultur method. For best results, show signs of natural decay that has fallen previously. Debris can be used to create a mound for a garden bed, then covered with topsoil and compost, which naturally decomposes the material within the mound, attracting beneficial garden microbes and earthworms to the soil, which nature can provide. It creates some of the best soil.

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